23 Round St. Petersburg

Round St. Petersburg

Posted on November 20, 2007 by

photos of St. Petersburg, Russia 1

These are some round panoramic images of St. Petersburg, Russia..

photos of St. Petersburg, Russia 2

photos of St. Petersburg, Russia 3


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23 Responses to “Round St. Petersburg”

  1. Sturmovik says:

    Who is MarinaAn?

  2. Sturmovik says:

    Now I see. She’s hot alright

  3. TESAK says:

    P H O T O S H O P ! ! !

  4. milk says:

    so beautiful r!

  5. D says:

    Those would be some cool dinner plates.

  6. John from Kansas says:

    I did not write that.

  7. sigh says:

    this is an old post, i watch these pictures a few months back.

  8. curious says:

    Since our eyeballs are round, shouldn’t round photos like these be the natural way to view things?

  9. Greg says:

    Nice photos. Brings back many nice memories for me of my favorite city.

  10. chicken says:

    I like the 7th one and the others that are similar with color..they remind me of local cd’s or something

  11. Igor says:

    nothing at all

  12. Starshii says:

    Actually quite cool, I would buy a postcard like that. And maybe even sent it.

  13. dungeonbrownies says:

    this would make really good disk art for dvd’s or music cd’s

  14. Carol Lynn says:

    Thank you for posting these photos. They’re quite pretty! I especially like the last two. :-)

  15. Vladimir says:

    This is not made using Photoshop as far as I know. In russian
    it is called “fish eye” effect. The shots are just beautiful on their own and have no need to be used in any kind of
    kitchen ware or anything like that. They just need to be printed in high quality and shown to public in an exhibition.
    Thank you Marina!!!

  16. Truki says:

    Good work GIMP !!

  17. Vodka drinker, balalayka player & ak47 shooter says:

    Pretty pictures of the city, where I live. For my opinion, St. Petersburg is one of the most beautiful cities of world. If you haven’t been to SPb yet, come and you will like it.

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