71 7th November, 1975

7th November, 1975

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Russian holiday in Moscow 1

This 7th November was just a regular day in Russia, but just 20 years ago it looked like on those photos. It was the greatest holiday in Soviet State – the day when the Communists won, so it was commemorated annually with such a colorful parades. Not only army participated in them but every civil corporation had to send their participants to the parades, hospitals and cinemas, schools and factories – literary every society unit had to.

Russian holiday in Moscow 2

Russian holiday in Moscow 3


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71 Responses to “7th November, 1975”

  1. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says:

    OMG, look at sexy men in black leather in number 3 photo!

    And in photo number 8, look at big missiles!

    I like this posting very much.


  2. vorthos says:

    I’ve always wondered why Karl Marx is so revered and yet Frederick Engles who was just as influential in the drafting of the communist manifesto is practicaly unknown.

  3. Skot says:

    Can anyone translate the Brezhnev quote in photo 16?

    • uhop says:

      Brezhnev: “We created the society that is stable, dynamic, and united.” “Stable” in a sense of “being steady, unshakable”.

  4. mad1982 says:

    WOW was great days

  5. Richard S. says:

    If owning a car was discouraged in the Soviet Union, why were there some many cars in Moscow?

    • vadikgg says:

      At you the incorrect information.
      In the USSR there were very many cars in a private property. Before war in a private property of cars almost was not. After war there were many trophy cars in a private property.
      The first cars to the population have started to make for sale in 1946-1947 are were GAZ M20 ‘ Pobeda ‘ (own working out) and AZLK Moskvich-400 (a pre-war Opel the Cadet on the trophy equipment)
      In subsequent time cars released factories GAZ, VAZ, AZLK, IZJ, ZAZ

      • John from Kansas says:

        How long have you owned your Pobeda?

        • vadikgg says:

          “Victory” have ceased to let out in 50.
          I in the USSR did not have a car as I was born in 1986. :)
          The father has bought GAZ-24 ‘ Volga ‘ in 1983. It and now at it is.
          But possession of “Volga” was atypical. It was not on open sale.
          It had possibility it to buy as 4 years worked abroad (in Algeria).
          On open sale there were cars VAZ, AZLK, IZJ, ZAZ
          VAZ (Lada) was the best variant here. On them there was a great demand and the greatest turn. AZLK and IZJ were worse also turn on them was less.
          But all the same авто were in deficiency as the motor industry did not consult with demand.
          Well and the prices were considerable enough.

      • Richard S. says:

        How can one afford a car at that time on very paltry amount of earnings? Were they awarded? Granted?

      • kater says:

        Pobeda design was actually stolen from Americans. Originally it was a Ford. Ruskies had practically zero own designs. The rest were just plain stolen.

  6. Carol Lynn says:

    Thank you for posting these pictures. Very interesting.

  7. Pacific NW says:

    Is photo 19 supposed to be Santa’s helpers?

  8. Texas1 says:

    Why do those crazy russians march in ugly red underwear and Santa Claus hats?

    • Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says:

      These men will meet with the men in black leather after the parade for good time, like I used to have with Putin before he became jealous of my relationship with my friend Lukashenko, the “Belarus Bomber.”

  9. your name here says:

    Great photos, I really am fascinated with Soviet culture and art and pictures like these show exactly why. I am an American in his 20’s so I wasn’t even alive for most of the USSR’s reign but events like these look like such an exciting thing to be a part of.

  10. John from Kansas says:

    Thanks for the photos. They are a very interesting addition to the English Russia historical archives.

  11. Mick says:

    Wow – very impressive quality.
    Look at #20 – Santa’s little helpers! Lots of them!!!

  12. Kesang Tseten says:

    those were great days, i miss it.

  13. Rustygstring says:

    What have they done with the women? There aren’t any in these pictures.

  14. fromukrainewithlove says:

    ok I just neeeeeed to make propaganda when i see this pics….ok listen up, I live in the netherlands (capitalist country), and i hate it. Here people die because they are too fat…while in Africa people die because they don’t have food. Ghandi sad the Earth has everything a man need, but if you take too much the Earth will be destroyed (don’t remember the exact statement). In USSR (communism) people weren’t too fat or too skinny, all people were atheletic and creative because all society bussines was for free, but most important people didn’t take more than they needed (like Ghandi sad) the fact that USSR fell apart will destroy the earth in long term, believe me or nor but communism is the best for everyone only the leaders have to think more about therir people than about arms and the army then everything will work out just fine. My point is :in capitalist country one person can own 3 boats 7 cars 2 airplanes eat for 20 men in one day abd have a great life (meanwhile destroying the Earth) while other people die of poverty, this could NEVER happen if the whole world was communist.

    • Visitor says:

      If you “hate it” in the “capitalist country,” why do you remain there? Seriously–why do you remain in a place you hate, and believe is so terrible and wrong?

      As for what happens in Africa–The fact that so many African governments steal from their own people and screw up everything that is handed to them is not the fault of the Dutch or any other European/western country.

      Look at Zimbabwe–when it was Southern Rhodesia it was a “breadbasket,” but now it can’t even provide enough food for its own people, even though it is a rich agricultural region. Why? Is that the fault of the Dutch?

      Many commentators say much of the devastation in Zimbabwe is the fault of its own government, and is encouraged by its neighbor South Africa. South Africa is taking advantage of the chaos in Zimbabwe to buy property and gain control of the region. That’s Africans hurting Africans.

      Look at Sudan, where Sudanese people murder their fellow Sudanese by the thousands, and drive hundreds of thousands more to near starvation, all based on tribal affiliation and loyalty to Khartoum. Most of the refugees would starve if not for western “capitalists” aid organizations.

      Look at so many African countries where tribal affiliation is more important to them than building their nation, and where they murder each other in large numbers. Are secret agents from the Netherlands provoking Africans to kill each other, rather than work together to be productive?

      Your love of countries and systems that have proven themselves to be failures, more so than systems that have proven to be stable and productive, amazes me.

      I’d love to hear more.

      • Justin says:

        I think the cruel irony of all this, is if all the third world countries (not only african nations) were to develope the standard of living and the quality of life that is experienced in the west, the Western world would simply be turned into the Third world.

        Just imagine how many resources would remain if Zimbabweans were also diriving their SUVs, had five TVs, a fridge, electric cooker, dishwasher, etc. Imagine the level pollution. Or imagine what would happen to african population having the same healthcare, food, etc. The world simply would not be able to fulfill such needs and would most centrally collapse.

        cruel irony indeed..

      • John from Kansas says:

        You may not agree with fromukrainewithlove but there is no need for him to “love it or leave it”.

        What you forget is that most of the African nations were carved out by European colonial powers without regard for tribal affiliations. The entire region inherited the shambles of imperialistic rule. Africa suffers from a legacy of cynical and brutal exploitation by the west that continues to this day.

        As for aid, far less than 1% of the US total aid budget is spent in sub-Saharan Africa, the poorest place on Earth. On the other hand the US still does extremely well from the plunder of Africa’s raw materials.

        • Visitor says:

          “love it or leave it” is your phrase, John, not mine. I asked an honest, legitimate question. Please don’t try to twist it into a personal battle.

          I did not “forget” anything. I am very familiar with the history of Africa in general, and in the specifics of some countries and regions.

          However, to address your point–If Africa’s failures are the result of colonialism, then how do you explain the success of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the USA, all of which were “carved out by European colonial powers without regard to tribal affiliations”?

          Seriously–if colonialism was the real reason for failure, then why are the four countries I mentioned, along with Hong Kong, Macao, and Singapore, for example, doing so well?

          • John from Kansas says:

            Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the USA? Genocide. Indigenous people were nearly wiped out and replaced by Europeans.

            Hong Kong, Macao, and Singapore? All were mercantile centers before the Europeans arrived.

            • fromukrainewithlove says:

              The reason these country’s are succesful john answered very well for me, and I didn’t talk as much about Holland as you do. Yes i want to leave Holland and that’s the first thing I will do when i finish my study here. And I’m not going to venezuela or what ever I’m going back to Ukraine. I’m not quite sure what is better communism or capitalism, but I know for sure that in long term communism is better for the world’s sake. capitalism destroys the world because people think only about money and not about the envoiriment.

              • John from Kansas says:

                fromukrainewithlove, I wish you great success in your studies.

              • Visitor says:


                I also wish you success in your studies.

                I also encourage you to examine history based on facts, rather than someone’s ideological “explanations.” Look for practical solutions to problems, rather than “answers” that promote someone’s ideological agenda.

                For example, John’s response did not “answer” the question I asked. He did confirm the fact that Asians and Europeans have demonstrated the ability to build modern, dynamic societies with sustained economic development.

                However, that does not explain why many African countries, especially sub-Saharan countries, seem unable to do so, despite their wealth of resources. How long will they blame someone else for their problems?

                It feels good to say nice things about everyone, but recognition of reality is the key to survival and success.

                Again, I wish you the best, but I encourage you to pay close attention to cultures, economies, and governments. Ask the hard questions. More importantly, accept the hard facts abot why some succeed, while others fail.

    • Justin says:

      Yes but would these positives really outweigh the benefits of Capitalism?

      • Alex says:

        Yes, they would. It will be a huge defeat for the mankind if Capitalism is the only (and final) way to organize production and society. Or, in other words, that would mean we suffer of lack of imagination, laziness or incurable greed. Let’s start thinking again and not dwell forever on an economic system which (yes, I’ll give you that) has contributed a lot to progress and modernity, but should by now give way to better alternatives, if we are to survive to the next century.

    • Akhenathon says:

      If you live in Nederlands and hate capitalism, why don’t you go living in Cuba, or in Venezuela? It’s very easy to live in Amsterdam, with Health services, public safety, democracy and good Education, and at the same time to say: “Oh, Communism is the pinnacle of our civilization.”

      Marxism is bad in theory, and worse in practice. Millions died in wars and in starvation, thousands were dying in Gulag for “the glory of USSR” and this ridicule cult of personality.

      I love Russia and his culture. But to the hell with Communism; it’s the distribuition of misery and mediocrity.

      • Visitor says:


      • John from Kansas says:

        Yes, a dash of socialism has made the west quite tolerable. Prior to that it was pretty much death, war and servitude for millions of people.

      • Rhonda says:

        Gulag’s-it’s what every country needs….forget your 3 meal a day, one hour in the excerise yard, the communal showers in your over crowded prisons! GIVE US GULAGS!!!

        if every one was globally treated as equals-the world would implode from over use….

        nice site by the way

      • Boris Abramov says:

        “If you live in Nederlands and hate capitalism, why dont you go living in Cuba, or in Venezuela?” – you sound like one of those Bush fans from Texas who think that anyone who criticise their country, or its divine leader, should pack their bags and never come back.

        In realty, most of people who question the government and its policies, are doing so out of great love and respect for their country and Patriotism. By questioning and challenging the government they are looking to make their beloved country a better place, thus, are being much more patriotic then the redneck zombies with the american flag outside their houses.

        You sound a lot like these redneck “Patriots”.

        • Boris Abramov says:

          With all due respect Visitor, if your friends died for the “Systen” as you say, than frankly they have wasted their life in vain. I much rather prefer to think that they were the heroes who have died for their comrades, and not as tools of evil empiralism.

          With the regard to the flag issue, I think it is very important to know what it represents. What does it represent to you, Visitor?

          You seem to be pretty proud of your country Visitor. What exactly are you proud of?

          Are you proud of the way it was founded? Are you proud of the way the the indigenous population was slaughtered and repressed? Are you proud of the way black people were subjected to slavery for centuries and then discrimination and harassment decades after that? Are you proud that your country has been the biggest aggressor for the last hundred years? Are you proud that US supported and is supporting to this day some of the most cruel dictators on the planet? Are you proud of the fact that US hypocrisy has always been at an unimaginable level? Are you proud of the fact that your government brands good people like Castro and Chavez as “dictators”, while supporting true dictators like king Abdullah and Batita? Are you proud of the fact that your government complains about human rights violations in Russia while innocent people are tortured in Guantanamo and opponents of US imperialism are tortured in secret CIA prisons on the territory US-puppet europian states? Are you proud of the fact that US has declared the “War on Terror” yet it harbors terrorists and commits terrorist acts not onlly against sovereign states (in relation to the Cubana Flight 455 incident) but also against its own people? Are you proud of the fact that your country has been bullying the small island of Cuba for half a century and is to this day starving its people? Are you proud of the fact that most Latin American people have been suffering for generations because of US-installed corrupt governments? Are you proud of the fact that your government is brainwashing american public on a day-to-day basis through the use of fear and cruel physiological manipulation? Are you happy that your beloved constitution looks nothing like the original one? Are you happy that american public is spied upon like they are all criminals? Are you proud of the fact that your counrty went to war and killed thousands of innocent women and children for the sake of this bloody oil? Are you proud of the fact that your beloved country is starting, if not has already started, a new Cold War and an Arms Race by surrounding russia with the provocative Missiles Shild?

          I honestly could go on for hours, but frankly I have to wake up early in the moring and need to get some sleep. So to conclude, if you really are an American Patriot as you claime to be, then if I were you, I would do everything possible to encourage a “Regime Change” (not a change of the ruling party) but a new Revolution in your country.

          If this doesn’t happen soon America will simply destroy the world. God help us all!

          • John from Kansas says:


            • Boris Abramov says:

              That’s right, John. It should hurt. Only when it truly hurts can we expect any real positive change in US.

              • John from Kansas says:

                Boris, you know that none of this is news to me. I believe that many people in the United States are beginning to come to terms with our imperialism. However too many still cling to the simplistic view of U.S. history and policy.

                The corporatists power is more concentrated and dangerous than ever. John Dean (the White House attorney that blew the whistle on Nixon) said in 2005 that the next two elections will determine whether democracy in the U.S. will survive. The 2006 election was encouraging but this has made the authoritarians more desperate. I do not believe there is anything they would not do to maintain power. This includes more fear (war) and corrupting the Democrats. At this time, the Dems would seem to have the popular support, but their ineptitude and/or the Republicans bag of dirty tricks could defeat them. I still believe that the Democrats can be reformed once they regain power, but it will take an unprecedented activism on the part of the American people.

        • Boris Abramov says:

          Also, with ragards to your “The adverse of a patriot is a traitor. There is no real middle ground” comment, could you possibly not so much define but explain in your own words what you mean by the word “Traitor”?

          • Boris Abramov says:

            “Of course it would be absurd to compare American economy, military might and standard of living to that of the US”

            -Sorry, I ment “Russian” economy.

    • kori says:

      Communism just destroys society, economics and moral. I think nothing can be more dangerous for a society where everyone thinks that he behoves everything without any proper work. And that is what happened in many (I would say in each) now post-socialist countries. And this mentality is still alive and it is a serious burden of development.

  15. GJ says:

    I don’t know how anybody realized of a big mistake:

    The above pictures are not from 1977 (just 20 years ago), te
    the pictures are from 1967 (just 40 years ago). You can see in picture number 4 the year “1967” in a red flag and also in picture number 12 you can see in a banner the figure 50, due to in 1967 was celebrated the 50 years from Revolution.

    Best regards

  16. Nelson says:

    WOW! good photos! Thanks.

  17. talking beaver says:

    Last :)

  18. dancer says:

    very cool comment. I appreciate it.

    Was born in the Fifties and raised in West Germany. Experienced the so-called cold war and the anti-communist propaganda quite closely while at the same time a very ugly war was going on in Vietnam. What was I supposed to think as a child?

    Anyway, in 30 years that GDR was existing I managed to go to East Berlin only twice. Both times it was a frightening an threatening experience. I really wonder how people with a free mind must have suffered when they had to encounter the suppressions day by day.

    In 1972 I travelled to the Black Sea. I fell in love with a Russian music student. It was almost impossible to live this love because there was always somebody who observed us – and this even more, when the word was spread that my lover wanted to run off with me. It was frightening and I was scared that something bad had happened to him, when all my letters came back unanswered.

    Today after the iron curtain has finally fallen – at least geographically – and my residence town is crowded with people from former Soviet countries it’s hard to believe that things like those have happened. And still I relive the feelings often enough.

    So, what I want to say is: the discussions about economics an politcal reasons for and against a regime are fine but they miss the most important thing behind it: the human being. If a government or any type of leading persons use politics for material or ideological or whatever very personal and egoistic profit it is never good.

    All declarations of independence, constituions and the like would be useless if everyone would respect human right.

  19. Stav25 says:

    these pictures are awesome

  20. Orignal Kirov says:

    Cuba is a great place 2 live. Venzuela is decent.

    • Andrei says:


  21. Andrei says:



  22. In the beginning just remember it was darked and then someone smiled! try this:

    First rule of acting: whatever happens, look as if it were intended. :)

  23. Alex says:

    Capitalism has also killed millions of people, not only on wars and internal persecution (yes, not all capitalist states were democratic, if you care to observe), but in market-induced social exclusion as well.
    The difference is, while that “propaganda” communism has fortunately ceased to exist, the unopposed capitalism and market worshipping is still going strong on its feet. I wonder how many millions more it will annihilate on years to come…

  24. This is a smart blog. I mean it. You’ve so much knowledge about this issue, and so much passion. You also know how to make people rally behind it, obviously from the responses. Youve got a design right here thats not too fancy, but makes a statement as big as what you’re saying. Great job, indeed.

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