30 Storm HDR

Storm HDR

Posted on November 13, 2007 by

storm in Ukraine 1

Russian Bloggers have already processed yesterday’s storm photos and got some cool HDR images for your viewing pleasure:

storm in Ukraine 2

storm in Ukraine 3

storm in Ukraine 4

storm in Ukraine 5

storm in Ukraine 6

storm in Ukraine 7

storm in Ukraine 8

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30 Responses to “Storm HDR”

  1. Deneteus says:

    Somebody please tell Linka to chill with the Wind. I know she likes protecting the environment and all but this is just plain ridiculous!!!


  2. John from Kansas says:

    Very dramatic.

  3. me, David says:

    always appreciate nature HDR pics, nice post -> dugg ;-)


  4. Boris Abramov says:


    Hope there won’t be any more victims.

  5. wow, I love the sky in these pictures

  6. doda says:

    fantastic, it would be good to write some words about how you made this fantastic pictures

  7. Greg says:

    What camera did you use?

  8. Realy nice pictures, shame the storm claimed so many lives though.

  9. alecs says:


  10. Yesterday says:


  11. Comment by Comment by Comment says:

    HDRI tonemapping requires multiple exposures from the same viewpoint. Could someone please tell me how the photog captured these?

  12. Tom says:

    Yeah, I would think so because you would have to take multiple pictures at different exposure levels and a very very high rate to get those waves that crisp and clear with HDR.

  13. psyonic warrior says:

    The weather engineers fromAmerica or Britain caused the storm

  14. Vladimir Nabob says:

    The latest digital SLR’s can take 3 exposures in a fraction of a second. Look carefully at these photos and you’ll notice that the water movement is slightly “long” exposed. Compare with all those waterfall photos you see that look like ribbons of white veils. In some of the photos, the passage of time has left some of the fastest water movements invisible. If these were high speed snaps, you’d be able to make out clearly every droplet bursting over the seawall. So yes, these are HDR photos: 3 exposures to capture a wider dynamic range of brightness levels. Of course, the photographer carefully blended his 3 exposures, then got creative with Photoshop to maximize the imapct.

  15. Lasse says:

    Capitalist Estonians caused this storm aided by the west.

  16. Luke says:

    hey guys, i want to buy this photos (get it in real quality) where i can find the one who shot these photos?

  17. jmb says:

    these are just really fine images. i sure am glad that i wasn’t there. :-)

    thanks so much for all the work you do to put this site together. it is a good thing to learn about someone else’s country.


  18. GREAT Photos, how many different exposure did you make, I do think only 2, correctly?..a wonderful series, congratulation!

  19. dancer says:

    I love those takes!

  20. gabby says:

    do you happen to know the name of the ship in the last picture?

  21. guix says:

    Still don’t see any HDR in here !
    With HDR you’re supposed to get all the details in the darker areas, which is clearly not the case here.
    Though I agree on the “creative in photoshop” part :)

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