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Volgograd Tram

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underground tram in Volgograd 1

Volgograd is the only city in Russia where trams go underground too. This tram on the pic above is a regular tram like in any other big city, but in Volgograd a big part of tram rails lay under the city. The reasons for this may be the geographical specialty of the area or probably they wanted to protect the citizens of the cold winters so transfered trams under the ground where it’s not that freezing in the winter.

underground tram in Volgograd 2

underground tram in Volgograd 3

underground tram in Volgograd 4

underground tram in Volgograd 5

And here it comes back to the sunny world:

underground tram in Volgograd 6

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37 Responses to “Volgograd Tram”

  1. lynne says:

    Very cool.I like trams.

  2. chicken says:

    Its a nice idea that the underground trams might be there because of the cold..if only people were more thoughtful here in Wales

  3. dbcooper says:

    first (well actually second, but i am the first one to say first)

  4. John from Kansas says:

    It looks like a well-maintained and efficient system. The stations are very nice.

  5. monsun says:

    more about “The Volgograd Express Tram” (Skorostnoy Tramvaj) http://urbanrail.net/eu/vol/volgograd.htm

  6. max says:

    Actually – Volgograd wanted a subway but didn’t qualify for funding from the state to build one. So they built a light-rail subway instead.

  7. Richard S. says:

    Are there any signalized at grade road crossings with the Light Rapid Transit in Volgograd?

  8. doda says:

    fantastic! can you make pictures indoor tram?

  9. Kirill says:

    In Boston, trams go underground too – for instance the Green T line. They also have underground trolley buses on the Silver Line.

  10. In soviet russia, tram cathes you

  11. elMiqqq says:

    We have a similar Tram-System in Hannover:


  12. soltares says:

    Reminds me a lot of the Washington, D.C. Metro, actually, in terms of underground station design. Like maybe a cross between the Metro and an Amtrak train. I like the colors.

  13. ch00bais says:

    they have this in toronto as well

  14. Alfred says:

    There is a similar system in Vienna. The irony is that it looks pretty “Russian” in comparison to this one here. The stations are from the 60s or 70s and have never been throughly renovated, they have long underground corridors with bare brick walls, etc.

  15. vadikgg says:

    The system of a high-speed tram in Volgograd is made such because of city geography. The city very narrow and long and consequently to reach usual means from suburbs in the centre is necessary long enough because of crossroads…
    The line of this tram passes along all city and is not crossed anywhere with highways not to stop on traffic lights. In city centre it is impossible, therefore the underground site there is made.
    The underground site of a high-speed tram is made with possibility of expansion to the underground – there like even fastenings for a contact rail are

    The similar system is in Krivoi Rog on Ukraine.
    And in Russia in area Sochi there is a long-distance trolley bus (the longest trolleybus line in the world)

  16. Jennifer says:

    Looks kind of like Metra and the “el” in Chicago (parts of it are underground, but we still insist on calling it the “el”, don’t ask me why). Metra is pretty nice, but I don’t know enough about the el to say much.

  17. boyadjacent says:

    Been in that station thousands of times! brings back memories. love that city.

  18. Maus says:

    It is not to protect the tram from freezing… Volgograd is the southern city and its winters are mostly mild. The climate there is very similar to the one of Toronto, Canada, where streetcars run on surface during winters.

    And by the way guys do you know that Volgograd is the new name for Stalingrad ?!

  19. Aaron of Minneapolis says:

    Newark, New Jersey’s light rail line goes underground downtown too. Not only that, they used 1940s PCC trolley cars until 2001, when they replaced them with modern light-rail trains. Those particular PCC’s were originally owned by Twin City Rapid Transit (here in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota), but they were sold to Newark in the early 1950s when Twin City Lines converted to buses. Some pics of them in Newark can be found at world.nycsubway.org (among other places). As for where they are now, one was sold to the Minnesota Streetcar Museum back in 1990 (it now runs on the Museum’s Como-Harriet Line in Minneapolis), and some of the others are now on San Francisco, California’s F Line (they’re painted in the colors of other trolley systems that once used PCC’s, including TCRT).

  20. Steven says:

    It looks like Volgograd hasn’t changed that much from the last time I visited almost 17 years ago.

    I think the city fathers just wanted a fancy underground system like the big boys in Moscow had. They still had above ground trams too.

    What I do want to know is if they ever finished or removed that one building that was like 30 stories and uncompleted for like, 30 years. It was near the Pioneer station on the underground tram.

    As I recall, the tram only had three underground stations, Oktoberist, Pioneer, and Komsomol.

    Also I liked the Russian term for riding free… Riding with the Rabbit. I have no idea where that comes from, but it strikes me as funny.

  21. Zlo says:

    looks like czechoslovak tram model T-4

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