18 The Casino Prize

The Casino Prize

Posted on November 9, 2007 by

A strange prize in Russian casino 1

One Moscow casino has a beautiful prize, the so beloved brand new Lada car. But when they come up in the morning they found that somebody decided not to wait on getting the prize but already has acquired some parts of the Lada.

A strange prize in Russian casino 2

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18 Responses to “The Casino Prize”

  1. M0L0TOV says:

    Those parts, give Yoda.

  2. amerikanyitz says:

    What was the guy with binoculars doing while someone was stealing the wheels? I would question him first.

  3. dazza_b111 says:

    typical, Scousers

  4. Matty says:

    The prize for second place was two Ladas.

  5. lynne says:

    very good matty lol!

  6. Wotan says:

    Sorry dudes.. I had a need for new tires.. :-(

  7. mad1982 says:

    eheheheh are the wheels must bring with the winer

  8. mexicana says:

    hola! us beaners took em.

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  12. SizzilingHot says:

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  13. Sizzling Hot says:

    hell dude! i just won thousand dollars on that casino haha

  14. Alex Long says:

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