35 Harass the Police

Harass the Police

Posted on November 9, 2007 by

naked Russian guy deals with police 1

This naked guy in Belarus city of Grodno harassed the two police patrol guys. They didn’t want to arrest a naked man probably they didn’t want to touch a naked man at all, so when he came to them they even didn’t want him to sit inside their car and asked him to stay not closer than 5 feet to them while they called local ambulance. Their unwilling to arrest him was so strong that they even didn’t care much about dozens of people walking around this midday along the city street where all this happened, some even made photos and sent us. Probably it would be a good advice for Belarus criminals – if he wants not to be arrested he should undress, Belarus policemen don’t touch naked men.

naked Russian guy deals with police 2

naked Russian guy deals with police 3

naked Russian guy deals with police 4

naked Russian guy deals with police 5

naked Russian guy deals with police 6

naked Russian guy deals with police 7

naked Russian guy deals with police 8

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35 Responses to “Harass the Police”

  1. alecs says:

    that is the guy who runs englishrussia

  2. Niels R. says:

    I like his socks!!

  3. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says:

    This man was visiting my friend “Lucky” Lukashenko, who was in Grodno for state “business” that day. After they make the “business” together, he found that someone had taken his clothing. No problem, the police will help.

  4. Rebenga says:

    Ah, homophobia at it’s very best.

  5. well says:

    A nice ambulance don´t you think?

    • Boris says:

      Most in Russia are like that (it’s form the Soviet era) but they have deployed modern ones in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

  6. Niels R. says:

    He’s not naked! He’s wearing a black square in front and rear!

  7. madineg says:

    and in germany cops like to touch naked males

  8. OMG throw him a burger or something. He’s so skinny it hurts to look!

  9. flywithme says:

    It must have happend couple of monts ago… it was so warm, ans sunny. a perfect weather to walk naked. not like today…

  10. chicken says:

    naked guys are HOT!

    Any link to uncensored pics?

  11. Boris Abramov says:

    Who is Borris?

  12. Marina says:

    No shame.

  13. Texas1 says:

    Please somebody give me links to russian porn

  14. Anon says:

    Here in the US, They’d throw a blanket on him and then beat him.

  15. Wotan says:

    I usually use that method with restaurants and bars. I give my clothing to door man when I go in. If and when I have some problems with other people in bar (no idea why..) police don’t touch me. So, I just can walk home and go to bed. Simple. You may wonder if I lose my clothing. Next time I’ll go there naked and take my clothing back when leaving the bar. Of course I can’t drink anything. And if I still drink… I just leave my clothing there again.. IT’S SO SIMPLE

  16. Texas1 says:

    I love you dude

  17. pulp says:

    Technically he’s not naked–he’s wearing shoes and plastic take-out bags for socks.

  18. phonosycograph says:

    Вообще-то, это не в России. Это в Украине.
    На то есть доказательства:
    – В России не используются такие автомобильные номера какие установлены на авто на фото.
    – Надпись на милицейской машине на украинском.

    Извините за плохой английский.

    In general-that, this not in Russia. This in Ukraine.
    On that is to say proof:
    – In Russia are not used such car number what are installed on auto on photo.
    – An Inscription on militia machine on ukrainian.

    Excuse me for bad english.

    • Daniel says:

      oh yeah, dear… this is RUSSIA !!!!

      You can see that by taking a look at the ambulance..

      In Ukraine it’s called “Shvydka” …. in Russia “skoraja”.

      Eto ne Ukraina tebe, a Rossija… tak nenado tut umnichyat’.

  19. Jacobisahottie says:


  20. Ide Min says:

    The cop with his back to photographer in first picture really needs to wear tighter pants or no pants at all next time!

  21. PKS says:

    That’s most probably psychiatric ambulance, they use these paramilitary vans mostly.

    Beating up and cuffing poor deranged guy LAPD-style is considered inhumane there.

  22. www says:

    its not russia
    its belarusian

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