22 A Different Angle of View on Lenin Monuments

A Different Angle of View on Lenin Monuments

Posted on November 9, 2007 by

Strange angle of view on Lenin monuments 1

One our visitor is fond of making photos of Lenin monuments which are not rare to meet in Russia. But he doesn’t make the regular photos, no, he makes a photo from one specific angle. He shared with us his collection.

Strange angle of view on Lenin monuments 2

Strange angle of view on Lenin monuments 3


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22 Responses to “A Different Angle of View on Lenin Monuments”

  1. Niels R. says:

    I second that!

  2. sugar daddy says:

    nu i huy s vami shto vi perviye

  3. wanking bear says:


  4. mr.fit says:

    haha, I certainly hope someone was arrested and rehabilitated in penal servitude for those

  5. Lenin would be turning in his tomb.

  6. Evgeny says:

    Old story, everyone knows this about the Lenin monuments …

  7. Yegorij says:

    The fifth photo is not Lenin but Kutuzoff

  8. bullet in your head says:

    what’s so special about someone who cannot handle his camera? jeeeeeeez….

  9. Disconnect says:

    Prikolno vtoroe foto ya delal dlya inostrances vot uje vilojili porjar ubludki

  10. Marina says:

    You naughty people.

  11. bn says:

    dude, look, illich got a boner…..

  12. Wotan says:

    I hope they won’t make any sculptor about me.. Mine is even smaller.. :-(

  13. Sonny says:

    stalin was only 5`4″ tall, no wonder so many ex-soviet women want to cum-2 America. Damn!, I`m so lucky! Wine, Women and anything else I want. Have A Nice Day, I Will. SRB

  14. Chris of Chicago says:

    We have a wonderful statue of our mayor here in our town! It is a statue of our mayor and 2 children playing

  15. Xpltivdletd says:

    It *was* somebody’s piddling attempt to be funny. At the risk of seeming to be gratuitously pithy; it DOES seem to expose the humor (such as it is) of various contributors here, at it did that of the shooter. Best regards.

  16. Arty says:

    The first photo is not Lenin but Kirov (Petrozavodsk city)

  17. Mr White says:

    your blog is simple and understandable. I know this will not make me the top commenter on your blog. You have done great job

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