25 The Winter Has Began

The Winter Has Began

Posted on November 7, 2007 by

russian car vaz in winter

The winter has began. See the video below:

The guys in green vests are road police.

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25 responses to “The Winter Has Began”

  1. ash says:

    The oldest russian problems – fools and roads

  2. John from Kansas says:

    This happens in many places where there are hazardous road conditions.

  3. Dixieland says:

    Pros, what a pleasant surprise.

  4. chicken says:

    This car looks like its been shat on by someone who has crohns

  5. lithuanian says:

    More please!!! great video.

  6. Chuck Martel says:

    You would think that Russians would know how to drive on snow-covered roads.

    To watch these guys, you would think they were from Florida.

  7. terw says:

    winter has begun

  8. vlad says:

    Although it has already snowed in Vladivostok this Fall, this is an old video.

  9. well says:

    Interesting…the Lada on the foto has a sticker that says “lujaa Lada laatua” which is finnish meaning “tough Lada quality”.

  10. mad1982 says:

    OMG eheheheh what that is this Ghost car

  11. Da Ya Amerikanyitz says:

    tire chains.

  12. Wotan says:

    They have probably not hear about Nokian tyres.. Ok, maybe they wouldn’t help if you have too close with Stolishnaja.. 🙂

  13. Pros says:

    Driver is from Kavkaz 100%

  14. So what if that was me! Not my fault, I cant control the weather! yet, my nuclear invention will allow me to

  15. Comrade says:

    I love how all the Americans inevitable have to compare everything to their “great” country.

  16. Duty-free kickass says:

    Lovely video. Those brave souls stayed out of the way of the moving cars and kept from freezing their recorder. Can you please sell the original video to Marc Ecko Inc. so that they put it on the video kiosk in Macy’s?

    I guess one can no longer wait for the army to draft him into icebreaker duty. Is it okay for citizens to use ice spades or straw on the street to get a navigable (at least going down) road?

  17. Duty-free kickass says:

    That car was surely headed for the gravel and kitty-litter store when she hit a sharp shard. Comets? They are cars that failed on Kodiak before electric oil heaters, and were hurled into space…even before they got out of the atmosphere they were miles across….

    What, nobody to call ‘photoshop!?’

  18. Jennifer says:

    Kitty litter would also work.

  19. Shizo says:

    Man, that policeman did some awesome snowboarding (without the snowboard). He looks professional!

  20. ACiD says:

    oahahah, this video rox!

  21. Mister Twister, former minister says:

    Does anyone have the sense to lay down some salt and sand on this patch of road or is it just the practice to watch the circus all day long?

    Even sheep have more common sense!

  22. Norm says:

    These dudes should know – don’t slam on your breaks.

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