20 A Road Assistance

A Road Assistance

Posted on November 7, 2007 by

Russian Road Assistance 1

Russian road assistance sometimes may look like this when the less fortunate truck driver gets to a trouble. Note that the steering wheel is from the right side, that’s because in Eastern Russia most of the used cars are imported from Japan.

Russian Road Assistance 2

Russian Road Assistance 3

Russian Road Assistance 4

Russian Road Assistance 5

Russian Road Assistance 6

Russian Road Assistance 7

Russian Road Assistance 8

Russian Road Assistance 9

Russian Road Assistance 10

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20 Responses to “A Road Assistance”

  1. chicken says:

    Thats so horrible, I will have nightmares about sinking now tonight :O

  2. Visitor says:

    In some places in the US, during bad weather, local people make extra money by hanging around bad places in the road and offering assistance to drivers in trouble. Sometimes it is simple stuff, at other times it involves the use of equipment like the guy above.

    I thought about that when I saw the photos of the bulldozer above, and wondered–in really remote areas of Siberia, for instance, how far could a driver find himself from a city or village where he could find assistance?

    I would love to see some photos of places along remote highways where drivers stop for the night, like a “country” truck stop here in the US.

  3. chicken says:

    You can make money out of anything ! Wow what great innitiative ! :)

  4. majkul says:

    Thanks guys for getting my truck full of coke and guns out of the mud! Very much appreciated!

  5. Pete says:

    its called a bridge, build one.

  6. Wotan says:

    Oh my god. Why we didn’t have such a “good” roads during 1939-1944 here in Finland.. I can imagine T-34 or Klim Voroshilov-tank in that mud… Hah.

  7. Richard S. says:

    Looks like a washout!

  8. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says:

    This truck carries load of best quality handmade matryoshka dolls, to be sold at Vladivostok airport duty-free shop.

    Sometimes being the President of Iran is not so much work, so I work as freight broker part-time.

    Let me know when you need something special shipped to your country.

  9. majkul says:

    Actually the story is the following.. My driver (Nikolai)was heading from Afganistan to Moscow with a full truck of extasy. I told him a million times not to dope and drive but he just won’t listen to me (i will probably fire him for the next time). Anyway.. He took the wrong exit on the highway and found himself (and the truck full of extasy) in this rolling brine of mud. Thanks to you brave gentleman the extasy has arrived to Moscow and the weekend is saved! Let me submit Moscow Youth’s gratefulness to you brave gentleman’

  10. Sam says:

    Texas is cattle country, not sheep.

  11. jk baek says:

    It looks like murmur….

  12. Eris says:

    I’ve only one question:
    How the hell did he get that deep?!

  13. MIB says:

    just wait for that version dylan, that version will come out soon

  14. Snowbee says:

    Well now I want to play Spintires.

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