another secret Russian recipe 1

52 Boil Your Milk Right

Boil Your Milk Right

Here is another secret Russian recipe. This time you will know how to make delicious dessert from an ordinary canned goods. First of all you should take a condensed milk. Don't open it and put the
can into a boiling water. Wait for some time... and better go out from the kitchen and close the door. You will hear when the milk is ready. See also: When There is No Food
 how to make rather compact notebook from a personal computer 1

37 Making PC into Notebook

Making PC into Notebook

Russian engineers learned how to make rather compact notebook from a personal computer.
All what you need is a reliable monitor. Now they want to put it in production.
holes in Russian roads 1

12 Highway Holes

Highway Holes

Sometimes holes can be found even on the highways. Just imagine
he was doing sixty and here it is, the huge one.
Saddam toys in Russian kindergaten 1

15 Saddam and Bush Stand Together

Saddam and Bush Stand Together

One guy has sent it photos of the toys his kids play in the local kindergarten in Russia. It seems
that some Russian kids even at early age are fond of playing in Bush and Saddam...
Fake roads in Russian parks 1

21 Fake Russian Roads

Fake Russian Roads

Russian parks are the places where
all the roads come to the end.

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