freshly abandoned houses in Russia 1

59 Freshly Abandoned

Freshly Abandoned

Some houses are freshly abandoned and
it seems that abandoned in rush.
guy sleeps in moscow subway
17 Subway Sleep

Subway Sleep

Some guys in Moscow sleep in subway trains. Not just sleep on the floor but
they take their bed their bed stuff and their alarm clock to the train.
photos of the class-mates after 20 years after graduating the school  1
36 Time Works

Time Works

  One Russian woman went to a class reunion 20 years after graduating from school and found out that she could not recognize most of her former
class mates. She was so surprised that she decided to compare the old school photos with the new ones and put them into an Internet blog.
Skyfish caught on tape in Russia 1

28 Skyfish: Russia

Skyfish: Russia

These strange, fast moving things in the air these day from time to time appear in media. It has been said that they were caught on film for the first time 10 years ago and since then many
more films and tapes of "skyfish" are available. Some say "This may very well be the single greatest biological discovery of our age". And it seems they live in Russia too.
Soviet Food Posters 33

31 Soviet Food Posters

Soviet Food Posters

Every Soviet citizen should eat only healthy and high-quality food. So there was no place for a famine in the USSR, at least on these posters. :) See also: Some Soviet Fashion Seeing Soviet Russia Soviet Ads for Western Audience Strange Soviet Poster, 1933 German Anti-Soviet
and Anti-Jewish Posters on Russian Russian-Japan War Propaganda Posters Russian IT Calendar Styled to Soviet Posters Soviet Road Safety Guidelines in Verses Soviet Propaganda Against USA (posters) Soviet Propaganda Against USA (posters) Part 2
yoga in Russia 1

28 Vodka And Yoga 2. Walking on Fire

Vodka And Yoga 2. Walking on Fire

It is well known, that Russian people use vodka for doing yoga. On the one hand, it helps to relax and make different exercises that need relaxation. On the other, some
strong home-brew vodka can easily burn as a fuel. Drinking such beverage can allow you to walk on fire. Caution! Only for Russians! Don't try this at home!
portraits of Ukraine, 1882 9

63 Portraits of Ukraine. 1882

Portraits of Ukraine. 1882

These photos were made more than about one century ago. It's amazing that they have preserved till the
our time. Did those people know, that we would look at them via the Internet after 100 years?
it’s his Russian lane!
15 It’s His Lane!

It’s His Lane!

That guy on the red Lada belongs to the opposite lane, but he
doesn't care that his lane has ended before those two stripes.
menu on strange English in Russian restaraunt 1

36 The Engrish Menu

The Engrish Menu

One guy has visited Sochi city recently, this is the city where the Olympic Games 2012 are planned to be held. In one of the restaurants. They have plenty
things to eat, like rubber, at least a foreign visitors can think twice if he wants "Min. voter "Akva" in ass." (It's just a quote from this menu..)

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