sputnik (satellite) in Russian architecture 1

35 The Sputnik Cult

The Sputnik Cult

Yesterday we mentioned the 50th anniversary of "Sputneg" (or "Sputnik") the first artificial Earth satellite. The same year it was launched it had a big impact on all the areas of Soviet life. For
example many architects wanted to commemorate Sputneg in their architecture, so many of the houses built that year carry the simplified Sputnik logo on them. Here is some examples:
disposable plastic glasses in Russian marketing 1

24 Disposable Glasses Go Fences

Disposable Glasses Go Fences

Disposable plastic glasses got their second life as an advertisement media when paired with net fences in Perm city, Russia.
More and more places in this city get the glasses with ad slogans, it's like a graffiti but for a net fence.
rough asian game 28

33 Playing Rambo Games

Playing Rambo Games

In "Rambo 3" movie Sylvester Stallone took participation in quite strange but very rough game, where players should throw a dead body of a goat riding horses. So If you want to become as cool as Rambo 3, or 2, or just Stallone or whatever, you don't need to go to Afganistan and fight against terrorists. Actually this game is very widespread in many Central Asian countries, including some former republics of the USSR, such as
Tajikistan, where it is called buzkashi, Uzbekistan (ulak or kupkari), Kazakhstan (kopkar tartu) and Kirgizia. Some people in Russia call it "kozlodranie" from the words "koziol" (goat) and "drat' " (tear up). The rules of this game resemble in some way American football or Rugby with a goat instead of a ball. So if you like to play with dead animals - you are welcome to Kazakhstan and even farther.
Real Elves in Russian Woods 1

47 Real Elves in Russian Woods

Real Elves in Russian Woods

Two Voronezh foresters spotted strange resembling a human being creature with the long ears and blue skin. The blue elf (he was named in such a way) behaved very aggressively,
brandishing with his battle cutlass! At the end he started to use bad language and even tried to take off the camera. Nobody can say anything definite about the color of his skin.
how to turn personal computer into brewery 1

58 Personal Computer into Brewery

Personal Computer into Brewery

Looks like Russians can turn an ordinary home computer into almost everything. For example, looks like this
one can fill your mug with a fresh beer. Though actually nobody can tell how this weird thing works.
50 Years of the First Space Satellite 1

26 50 Years of the First Artificial Earth Satellite

50 Years of the First Artificial Earth Satellite

50 years ago Soviet Union orbited into the space the first man-made satellite (Sputnik 1) and thus started the space era of the mankind (and the era of
the space confrontation between two super powers as well). Some pictures below. The sound of the first Soviet artificial Earth satellite
Russian tank tank with wheels and tracks  1

46 Half Tank

Half Tank

This half tank could use and its four wheels and the two tracks on its sides. When it needs a high speed it lifts the tracks and moves very fast, on paved roads etc, but when it gets stuck in some heavy mud and four wheel drive is not
enough it emerges its two tracks and can get out of some heavy swamps. And if the inflated rubber wheels get shot flat or burned down he can also use tracks - the wheels are not necessary when it moves on tracks.
vorontsovo park in Moscow 1

20 Flowers Flowers

Flowers Flowers

This is a flower exhibition in
Vorontsovo park, Moscow city.
another abandonet Soviet town 1

140 Kadykchan. The City of Broken Dreams

Kadykchan. The City of Broken Dreams

No, this isn't Chernobyl and there isn't any dangerous radioactive background or toxic pollution. You can even live in this town... but there is no
reason for. This place has become absolutely useless after the collapse of the USSR, like many other Soviet industrial settlements.
strange scarecrow in Russian garden 1

29 The Sitting Scarecrow

The Sitting Scarecrow

This Russian lady has got a new creative approach for scarecrows. She has made one
sitting at the table, so it's probably first sitting scarecrow ever.

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