Russian gangsters sell out their personal transport 1

22 Would You Like to Buy it?

Would You Like to Buy it?

Looks like Russian gangsters of the 90s retire and sell out their personal transport. They know
which car is better to drive, because this is Mercedes S-klasse (W140). And even more...
Russians Jump from the Roofs 1

29 Russians Jump from the Roofs

Russians Jump from the Roofs

It turned out, that they not even express their feelings to each other at the height of 100 feet (30 meters) without
any security ropes. They can simply jump from exactly the same roof, using these ropes. What's next?
How to Promote Beer in Russia 1

27 How to Promote Beer in Russia

How to Promote Beer in Russia

People of one Russian street will remember Fosters beer for all their life. And Fosters representatives
will remember this street... See also: It’s Party Time One More Time it’s Party Time
new pictures of Buran in Moscow 1

36 Buran. Still Alive?

Buran. Still Alive?

In our recent publications we have already told much about the Soviet space program and especially about Buran, the first and the only Soviet space shuttle. Last time we saw him standing abandoned somewhere in the lonely place at Baikonur. But here are quite unexpected information. Recently some Russian bloggers have spotted Buran at some river port in the
north part of Moscow. So it doesn't fly into the space anymore but still can move, at least through the country and by water. See also: First Space Shuttle Ever More About Soviet Space Program. VM-T Atlant Buran, The First Russian Shuttle More About Buran Antonov. The World’s Heaviest and Largest Jet Where is Buran Now?
Russian Pixel Art 1

25 Russian Pixel Art

Russian Pixel Art

Try to guess, what is this man doing? Making a new graffiti? Or just creating super pixel art painting? You are absolutely... wrong!
He is just trying to paint over the curse words written on a school wall by the most advanced pupils. Looks very creative.
firemen ride porsche in Moscow 1

53 In Moscow, Russia Firemen Ride Porsche

In Moscow, Russia Firemen Ride Porsche

It's not quite clear why do the firefighter
squad needs a Porsche SUV, but they have it.
Car Accident of the Future 1

20 Car Accident of the Future

Car Accident of the Future

Soviet automobiles can't be called comfortable or high-quality. Soviet car will always break and it breaks, but never wants to give up. What's the matter? It's the XXI century and there are still lot's of
Soviet cars on the roads. And what is more strange, Russians not only drive them, they still crash them... into each other. For example, they managed to run this old tractor into Lada.
TV Controller in a Russian Way
35 TV Controller in a Russian Way

TV Controller in a Russian Way

The most famous Russian design studio continues to present rather unexpected modifications of the ordinary things. For example, this TV remote controller has more buttons than channels in your TV-set. The creators say that using this device you can easily switch
between 399 channels. So if you like to click much, you are welcome. But don't lose yourself in TV reality. One more picture below. See also: Not a Common Matreshka Money Box in a Form of Air Bomb Cup With Saucer-Ashtray Your Personal Moon
tractor in the Russian river 1

59 Riverside Walk

Riverside Walk

Taking a walk along this nice-looking
Russian river can bring you to...

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