bad parking in Russia 1

53 Trash Parking

Trash Parking

This lady in St. Petersburg can teach you what "Trash Parking" does really
mean, though she was fortunate enough to park on empty trash bins.
russian borat-like actor
65 The Borat Vacancy Wannabe

The Borat Vacancy Wannabe

It seems that today we have a "Movie Sunday". This one is about one Russian actor who
wants to repeat the success of Borat. Here is his video CV. Hiring, anyone?
drunk Russian cabin crew
35 The Vodka Crew

The Vodka Crew

One Russian blogger has posted a short video from his last local flight. He told his readers that all the flight assistants - both males and females were incredible
drunk. They were not shy to express their feelings to each other and to the passengers and he even got it on tape, so here we have it too here now:
monster dolls revenge in Russia
14 Monster Dolls Revenge

Monster Dolls Revenge

Never mess with big animated dolls in Russia they can revenge,
like they did recently in Stavropol city, South of Russia:
bmw x5 in estonia 1

146 BMW Yesterday and Today

BMW Yesterday and Today

This is a photo of new BMW X5 SUV yesterday. Below
you can see how it looks like today morning:
Russian romantic movie shot 1

36 A Romantic Movie

A Romantic Movie

It's a shot from Russian romantic movie.. And
below you can see HOW it was being made:
two police cars crashed in Russia 1

28 Police Crash: People React

Police Crash: People React

Two police cars crashed head-to-head on one of the bridges
of St. Petersburg. Russian bloggers reacted like this:
fake Russian gas stations 1

58 Fake Gas Stations

Fake Gas Stations

Sometimes even such large objects as Gas Stations can be faked to look more popular...
This ones in Dagestan, Russia look like "Shell" or "BP" but are "Shelf" and "BG"
Russian office  1

58 Russian Office

Russian Office

Some Russian office workers have their own
small tricks to hide something....
driving under water 1

102 Underwater Trial

Underwater Trial

Is that true that the roads in Russia are so bad, that people have to drive under water? Anyway, they
successfully do it, using Lada Niva, just an ordinary Russian off road car for the middle class.

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