36 Wedding Carpets

Wedding Carpets

Posted on October 31, 2007 by

Russian wedding 1

It’s something strange even for those who have seen a lot of weddings – these guys for some reason decorated their cars with carpets.

Russian wedding 2

Russian wedding 3

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36 Responses to “Wedding Carpets”

  1. Leo says:

    That looks nice :)

  2. madineg says:

    …just moslems…

  3. I am says:

    Just muslims

  4. vetlel says:

    To my little knowledge, a rug is something you use to build a tent (house), in ancient muslim culture.
    and, as such is valued dearly….

    Beats the rice any day in my book

  5. Niels R. says:

    I bet they don’t get into their car with dirty boots/shoes :p

  6. Zafarad says:

    Very good looking custom.i would like to use this idea for my marriage.

    • Visitor says:

      I like it, too. If they are giving these rugs to the newlyweds to help them get a start, it is a good thing, and helps build a sense of family and community.

  7. Dixieland says:

    Also good for keeping the bird poo off the paint. Ever notice how birds rarely poo on a dirty car?

  8. anthrax says:

    the masking tape (gaffa tape) adds a nice touch…

  9. Mugremovil says:

    They have Mercedes!…. :)

  10. Marina says:

    The carpets are a simbol of prosperity of the groom. They by tradition are given to the bride’s familly. This comes form the arabic tradition of payng to the bride’s father to marry his daughter.

  11. Visitor says:

    I’ve been to Russia, and to a few places beyond Moscow, but I’m not as familiar as I would like to be with regional customs, geography, etc. That’s one of the reasons I check this site.

    So, can anyone tell or guess the region where this ceremony took place?


  12. Richard S. says:


    I grieve with my Russian comrades and offer my heart felt condolences to the friends and families to the victims of this cowardly terror Islamist attack. Ban Islam in Russia now!!!


  13. Richard S. says:

    RE: Terror attack

    My deepest condolences to my Russian comrades and friends and family of victims in this cowardly terror attack.


  14. Richard S. says:

    My deepest condolences to my Russian comrades and to the friends and family of the victims in this horrible tradegy


  15. Richard S. says:


  16. tyrkisk says:

    they are [email protected] gipsyes, aren’t they? I hate tehm.

  17. mad1982 says:

    eheheh look nice

  18. Greg says:

    I love the many interesting Russian customs for weddings! We had two weddings one in Eastern Europe and the other in the USA. Guys the Russian wedding was so much fun! The weather may be cold at times but the people are best. Russians have way more fun then Americans!

  19. Sergei says:

    looks like Armenians

  20. anonymous says:


  21. Ivona says:

    In certain parts of Russia (not just the Russian Federation, but the whole former USSR), owning expensive carpets has long been considered a sign of wealth. Therefore, displaying them (at home–on the walls, or, as in this case, as decoration on the wedding fleet) is a demonstration of beaing well to do (according to their standards).

  22. YJ says:

    They suppose to ride on the flying carpet.

  23. YJ says:

    You suppose to fly on your carpet.

  24. Sara Henry says:

    These wedding carpets are looking very nice and the design is very good. use discount coupons to save money on wedding favors.

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