14 City Offroad

City Offroad

Posted on October 30, 2007 by

Russian roads 1

Even in the city sometimes a big four-wheel drive car is not enough for secure driving…

Russian roads 2

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14 Responses to “City Offroad”

  1. Rangler says:

    hooray. should have bought a land rover.

  2. Kel says:

    Just looks like a normal Russian road to me…

  3. Marina says:

    Why did HE or she(very unlikely) drive into the hole? Is he blind?

  4. Pacific N W says:

    A bicycle would have done a better job.

  5. max says:



  6. Akash says:

    Judging from the state of the rear window, it appears that the driver activated the rear wiper AFTER driving into that depression…

  7. Russian drives = best in world. WHen I drive my Toxic wastes truck into ditches I usually get toed out by a school bus. Im usually sober when this happens, Vodka improves Russian driving skills!

  8. Pius Thicknesse says:

    Wow. Just… boggle.

    How’d the road collapse under the car? The thing that amazes me is that the car didn’t hit that concrete thingy about 10 feet away from the rear window.

  9. anthrax says:

    George Bush does Suck

  10. Marina says:

    Again, thank you to all of you for give me so much information. But I have desided not to include this word in my vocabuary. I do not think it sound good coming from my speech.

  11. kostya says:

    It is clothing for legs worn inside shoes.

  12. Darek from Poland says:

    isn’t it orginated from vulgar name of the blow job ?

  13. Thank you for a great site. Found it on Bing. Over the past 30 years I have had a lot of fun in my 4WD. There’s nothing like a day offroad. I spent a bit of time having a look around and will be back again soon.

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