43 Soviet Graffiti

Soviet Graffiti

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Soviet graffiti 1

In Soviet Russia you couldn’t take some paint tin and go draw something on the walls, just because if you’ve been caught you go directly to jail. All graffiti were considered an evil propaganda, so only approved from the Communist party wall-art could appear. Some still remain there until nowadays – like this one in one of Moscow subway stations.

Soviet graffiti 2

Soviet graffiti 3

Soviet graffiti 4

Soviet graffiti 5

Soviet graffiti 6

Soviet graffiti 7

Soviet graffiti 8

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43 Responses to “Soviet Graffiti”

  1. Mikko says:

    I’m not saying FIRST

  2. John from Kansas says:

    These are good examples of Soviet public art and should be preserved.

  3. Aiwan says:

    It is mosaics, not graffiti.

  4. sugar daddy says:

    i agree this is not graffiti

  5. D says:

    Chinese, Persians, Egyptians, Mayans, Babylon, Rome.

    All great civilizations collapse at some point.

    Guess who’s next?

    • Dixieland says:

      Are you thinking the US? If so it won’t be because the citizens revolt. There are too many people here who haven’t a clue.

      • D says:

        Thats part of the problem. The people are just sheep and the shepard is leading the herd over a cliff.

        And hopefully the herd stops when the first few fall over, but who knows.

        • Dixieland says:

          “shepard is leading”…..

          leading? that is debatable…

          • Zafarad says:

            “Whether the knife fall on the melon or the melon on the knife,the melon suffers”.every great civilization is vanished or transformed in new civilization.in my “unbiased” analysis,from the 1776 till now already very long time is passed.so now is the time to re think about the future of USA.specially south western states are so keen to take freedom from north.i hope Bush Jr(Bush the ripper) is thinking about it very seriously! ! ! ! ! !.

            • Dixieland says:

              What do you mean by “south western states are so keen to take freedom from north”? I don’t understand.

              • Zafarad says:

                Michigan militia,ku klux klan,white supremacy movements,try to establish circumstances like before 1850,and many many more under ground secret organizations are try to establish their dream world.the only way to achieve this goal is grabbing power from the union.Texas,new Mexico,Arizona,are the prime suspects.agree or not,in near future we will see new revolution,after 1850! ! ! ! ! !

              • Texas1 says:

                In some respects the Zafarad is correct. The population of the US is migrating to the south and to the west. There are fewer opportunities in the north these days. As the population swells in the South and West, those areas gain more political power. However, as the west becomes overpopulated the north could once again experience growth. As far as
                a racial divide, it is narrowing and at some point will be non-existent. Overall, I would say that the US has a long history to look forward too.

      • Adam says:

        According to the Marxist theory of a revolving society. Every empire collapses at some point. His theory was basically that the workers were exploited by their employers but as smaller companies are taken over by larger ones, the exploiters become the exploited until there are so many people being exploited that some form of change has to take place. At least, this is what Marx and Engels predicted for the capitalist society. Who knows, it may happen yet…

  6. Dixieland says:

    Every time I see photos like this on ER I wonder if this was a method the government used to brainwash citizens, or if there was true national pride associated with these pictures. I would love to hear the opinion of any former soviet residents.

    • D says:

      Its propoganda. If these pictures are all you see while growing up in soviet russia, you know for sure that is your future and that its a future shared by your neighbors. Its a form of brainwashing, but not that extreme.

  7. lithuanian says:

    It’s not a graffiti it’s a mural.

  8. Pacific NW says:

    I agree. I really like the Soviet approach to graffiti, ‘directly to jail’. The murals are much nicer, even if they convey a bit of a ‘get to work’ kind of message.

  9. Tanvir says:

    I know people have mixed feeling about the messages of the murals but this was from the communist party. It was as recently as 1991 that Russia controlled Estonia. I came across a website about Estonia’s Singing Revolution – http://singingrevolution.com. It’s a story about people coming together and sang their way free from Russian occupation.

  10. maxD says:

    “be together to establish dream world.”

    The idea was nice but peoples mentality destroyed it. Not capitalism, which is smarter as it is using this mentality in a constructive way.

    • Adam says:

      CApitalism is not constructive. Trans National Companies exploit workers in sweat shops, Third World Debt drives millions to starvation. How is this constructive? While I agree that it is greed that is the source of the problem, is capitalism not just the offspring of greed? I welcome any thoughts.

  11. Mixa says:

    Nothing collapsed – it’s just another trick for all the Western world – commies realized that they are loosing the Cold War and decided to make some money and prepare to conquer the rest of the world along with Chinese – KGB is back in power and nobody can do anything about it.

  12. sputnik-dva says:

    Nice socialist realism here. Moscow has beautiful subway stations.

  13. Marina says:

    I grew up seeing these images everywhere. I greatly hate looking at them now.

    This is not art. This, as you say, Brainwashing.

  14. Llevar says:

    These are mosaics dumbo.

  15. Mister Twister, former minister says:

    If you watch Vladimir Alenikov’s documentary film “The Awakening”, filmed 1990-91 you will see a lot of very interesting graffiti, some with very graphic or even obscene commentary on the political situation. This is one of the things that surprised me on my second trip to Russia.

  16. Adam says:

    They’re not mosaics!!!! Mosaics are made out of small, individually painted tiles placed together to create a pattern or simple picture. This is a mural. Tags are graffiti but these are art.

  17. Discount says:

    This graffiti looks like antique mozaic.

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