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Secret Brain Lab

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abandoned secret brain lab in Russia  1

These guys penetrated the abandoned and sealed science lab of Russian Army which conducted sophisticated experiments studying human and animal brains. They got a lot photos of many test samples in an abandoned state but still excellent condition. You can see even the last Soviet leader Gorbachev that was left in rush – it was the time of his rule when the lab was closed and sealed from civilians.

abandoned secret brain lab in Russia  2

abandoned secret brain lab in Russia  3

abandoned secret brain lab in Russia  4

abandoned secret brain lab in Russia  5

abandoned secret brain lab in Russia  6

abandoned secret brain lab in Russia  7

abandoned secret brain lab in Russia  8

abandoned secret brain lab in Russia  9

abandoned secret brain lab in Russia  10


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76 Responses to “Secret Brain Lab”

  1. Oh, that’s my brain in the jar…I did wonder where it went.

    Nice pictures, just the right amount of gruesome

  2. as says:

    lol, they are making a frankeinstain monster

  3. John from Kansas says:

    Boo! Happy Halloween.

  4. Marina says:

    How do you do.

    My name is Marina. I am 68 retired auditor from Moscow. I intended to visit this web site to practice my English and debate with members.

    I want to pactice my English, because I am planing to move to Scotand where my daughter live for ten years. I want to be close to my gaughter because I not young.

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  5. siberia says:

    Photoshop, clearly

    • alex says:

      why, it’s not photoshop.
      • all brain pictures are wrom stantard school anatomy class,
      • same about half-prepared rat..
      • pack of boxes is simple machboxes clued together and marked to store resistors..

      there is nothing to photoshop. actually, such pack of photos could be made at any ex-soviet abandoned school (well, you’ll have to bring there caviar can from any local market and find a rare old-fasioned xylitol-based chocolate box).

  6. vladimir fickdusiemir says:

    The values on that matchbox thingy are typical for electrical resistors.

  7. alecs says:

    Is it fake ?

  8. PeterM says:

    Hey! I’ve got a can of caviar like the one on picture 6 in my fridge. Lososevaya zernistaya mmmmm :).

  9. talking beaver says:

    Wow! Incredible pictures! Cool!

  10. Dungeonbrownies says:

    the “complexity” of the experiments are sure, but the same can not be said for the experimenters, gosh, didnt they clean or did they just flea? Man. I wonder why they just left everything and left. Didnt even bother stealing cups or drugs.

  11. Mik says:

    I dare you to drink spirit out of one of these jars!

  12. Vladimir Nabob says:

    They were probably using the brains to feed the zombies they were training to invade the US and turn it into a glorious worker’s paradise. But the zombies got agitated and attacked the scientists, killing them and eating their flesh. The infantry units deployed at the base were also eaten when their bullets proved to have no effect on the living dead. If there is no film depicting this event, then I will definitely make one. Who wants to star as the evil lab director? How about the sexy young lab assistant? How about the homosexual loner scientist? OK, Boris will obviously do that one.

  13. Sergei says:

    This is seriously creepy!

  14. nak says:

    i am quite sure that this is art not documentary

    • talking beaver says:

      I would not be so sure about it.
      It is not that the place was abandoned in hurry.
      Just, after the last man left the room and locked it, no one ever came back to it again.
      It just happened like that.
      It was not urgency, it was not planned, it was not supposed to be that way.
      It just happened.

  15. Wise advise says:

    So now, i under stand the reality,that all CPSU members were mindless.they drain their brains to the research lab and also i believe, majority of Russians are walking without their brains.do you agree??????????????????????

  16. anthrax says:

    they are saving the brains of communist leaders to try and reincarnate them in the future, it is all a conspiracy. You know it makes sense.

  17. Wooshkaboom says:

    “Sophisticated” isn’t exactly the word that comes to mind when I look at those photos… That looks like vacuum-tube-technology level stuff, at best.

  18. antonio says:

    извиняюсь что на русском пишу, но… на одном из фото на подоконнике стоят колба и пластиковая бутылка. ну так вот, авторам: в советском союзе не было пластиковых бутылок, было все стеклянное-деревянное-металлическое, а вот с пластмассами было плохо дело. так что считаю эти фото грузным поклепом. ай-яй-яй, некрасиво

    • TexFlex says:

      If the lab was closed during USSR – the portrait would be on the wall, not the window sill.

      Plastic bottles mean yearly 90s.

  19. TexFlex says:

    No more than any Western state practicing political correctness.

  20. mr.fit says:

    too bad they don’t have pictures of gorbachev’s brain in a jar

  21. tAxX says:

    Creepy foto, brrrrr…

  22. Rhonda says:

    great pics…..if you’re into that kinda of stuff….would be great for a story or movie…oh and who cares if they’re fake or real? every country has it’s “dark side”…america has the southern states….

    • no liberals says:

      Lol, the south! Don’t forget cesspools like California and New York. American liberals have aided and abetted the murder of over 53 million babies since 1963. Liberals gone amok have destroyed America!!!

  23. airtonix says:

    dis-colouration indicates a fairly long time has past without any disturbance…to anything.

    Brains(jarred and spliced)….most of em look like rats. Not uncommon, just look in any highschool, uni or med school.

    But yes an art piece, if not only for the good angles and all that.

  24. Harish says:

    This really scary.

  25. Gecc says:

    I need a Gorbatschow photo too!

  26. raczroli says:

    I think they wanted to create a Lenin guy but in a Frankenstein edition!!;)

  27. perico says:

    Ñam, ñam!! Delicious!!

  28. Bill says:

    Totally cool! How much for the juicy brains? Brains! Give me brains!

  29. crazy wicked dude says:

    Its a fake, why isnt there an overview pic showing the whole room/lab? its all so unclear and the angles are perfect, the fotos are perfectly sharp… perfectly “beautiful” art. its a fake..

  30. D.N Angel says:

    A Resident Evil-style lab , creepy…

  31. Dr. Newtron says:

    I think someone is not telling the truth here.

    Photo’s 13 and 14 look more like what is left after someone cooked up a batch of dope. Its not like that’s against the law in Russia, so long as it remain in a liquid form.

  32. brbrbr says:

    there a lot of similary-targeted research institution both in former USSR and in West.
    any in both sides, some ways of experimenting – completely illegal[such as various species brains, mixing].

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  34. nicole says:

    They speak english, of course they count.

  35. Name says:

    I am an American citizen…although, I do find the jabs at us funny, mostly because they are very much true. These pictures are interesting, as well. Is there any more info anyone has found on these? I’ve been trying all day to no avail.

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  38. Missile Technician says:

    We call that Urban Exploring here. Cudos to the explorer and photographer. Very nice find!!!

  39. cigarettes says:

    how such lab can be reached be civilians?

  40. Taupey says:

    Intriguing Photographs! It would be fun to explore such places but not as a tourist destination setup.

  41. Martyna says:

    any idea where exactly this is? if you know something more about this lab please contact me: xxtender.mexx@onet.eu

  42. Whoopster says:

    Unbelievable pics! Do you know where this is?

  43. scrybe says:

    These pics give me a headache!

  44. Kevin says:

    It’s odd how with this and other abandoned places on this site that it looks like the people just left without even trying to tidy up a bit. Really interesting stuff.

  45. Abhi says:

    freaking photos

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  52. Drake says:

    As a former student of the bio-sciences, the improper cleaning and closure of that site is disturbing. Those vials could hold desiccated tissue, as could those sliced-tissue slides for examination …. but – leaving such stuff laying around is not very responsible.
    It could have any number of possible vectors on them – and they could still be viable – even after so long.

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