69 An Appartment in Kharkov Style

An Appartment in Kharkov Style

Posted on October 26, 2007 by

strange appartment in Kharkov, Ukraine 1

One Russian guy in Kharkov, Ukraine preferred was obsessed with some idea which he tried to express in writing on any flat surface he met. All his flat carried his scriptures, the local lobbies and walls of houses also had not stayed untouched.

strange appartment in Kharkov, Ukraine 2

strange appartment in Kharkov, Ukraine 3

strange appartment in Kharkov, Ukraine 4

strange appartment in Kharkov, Ukraine 5

strange appartment in Kharkov, Ukraine 6

strange appartment in Kharkov, Ukraine 7

strange appartment in Kharkov, Ukraine 8

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69 responses to “An Appartment in Kharkov Style”

  1. sugar daddy says:

    some people might see art but i see graffiti

  2. tekuru says:

    I also see graffiti.

    However, with this, I see art.

    http://www.graffiti.org/nok/pigeons_life_ghettobirddetailtempo_nok.jpg (not mine just a reference)


  3. He missed writing on the floor.

  4. lynne says:

    Its a condition known as graphomania,an overwhelming compulsion to write.Its very interesting.I wish i could translate it.

    • Boris Abramov says:

      Hm, interesting condition.

      The writing on the door says: “You’ve never been one of the World/Soil/Ground/Earth (depending on the context in his head) and never will be 😕

      • erin says:

        was just about to post ‘what does it say, for gods sake – tell me!’ thank you

      • yingjai says:

        ‘world’ sounds more logical

      • lynne says:

        Okay,so now I’m getting a mental image of a little boy being told by an overbearing mother,”You are not normal,you are sub-human.You’ll never belong.You’ll never amount to anything.”This is of course pure supposition,but if this were the case,then the writer has certainly left traces of himself in this world,and an indelible image in my mind.

      • NatanMT01 says:

        Kak eta strashna! Bozhe moi, bozhe moi. Znachit…esli bi ya znal on, ya bil’ bi skazal “zakusovat’ nado!” Xa, Xa, xa!
        I know he’s from Kharkov, but my god…can he decide to write in Ukranian or Russian? Both of them together (or just poor spelling) makes me crazy.

  5. Ma says:

    The guy is a famous madman in Kharkov – Oleg Mitasov.

  6. Jim says:

    The cyrillic looks so much cooler than latin does.

  7. Dixieland says:

    That paintbrush, give Yoda.

  8. John from Kansas says:

    LOL. Good one.

  9. chicken says:

    This is so so so so great..I wonder what was going on here :O ? This person must have had some kind of o.c.d here

  10. whatnot says:

    these people should be executed.

  11. mad1982 says:

    OMG scary but nice eheheheh

  12. Kizzle says:

    OMG – 23!

  13. Dungeonbrownies says:

    Back in CCCP, he might have been useful as a coder or as a war psychic

    • John from Kansas says:

      Similar to the character in the film “A Beautiful Mind”?

    • Zafarad says:

      The guy who paint these walls was brain “washed” by kgb.almost half of his brain was removed from his skull! ! ! ! .remaining half was not able to think and act like average person, so he colored meaningless characters.

    • Ayu says:

      It look very spooky if you asked me. Maybe, a film maker can shooting a horror movie in there.. Hhhhmmm…

  14. chicken says:

    I wonder what the bottle is symbolic of in that picture up there? Its rounder so nothing could be done to it

  15. (ARG) Sebastian says:

    No TV and no beer make Homer something something
    No TV and no beer make Homer something something

  16. talking beaver says:

    I have a friend who has been drinking every day since 1993. His apartment will soon start to look like this.

  17. kew says:

    I see insanity.

  18. Jon says:

    I was wondering what do the words on the last photo say? It feels like something from a horror movie.

  19. Litr says:

    It is a flat of madman, he died in hospital some years ago

  20. bezdomny says:

    Has Sasha Sokolov met this guy? I smell sequel!

  21. ammutbite says:

    I hate to be so picky, but in Kharkov, Ukraine, chances are he’s a Ukrainian guy not a Russian guy, especially since so much of the writing is in Ukrainian and not Russian (cross my heart, there’s a BIG difference)!

  22. shuuki says:

    Horror vacui, my god. I like it as an installation piece, but I can’t believe anyone can live there without permanently damaging their eyes.

  23. briLo says:

    This guy owns stock in the marker company…….make write on walls…….make markers go empty…..buy more markers…..more markers make stock go up!

    Crazy is as Crazy does!

  24. adam frazier says:

    looks pretty similar to basquiat…

  25. adam frazier says:

    looks like some basquiat…

  26. john says:

    The only people likely to enjoy this artist’s work are people who cannot read, nor write in Russian.
    I can’t imagine seeing english text as stimulating.

  27. Abe Froman says:

    Seven II: Eating Nine

  28. brian says:

    this is simply beautiful artwork! look at the craftsmanship

  29. Jeff Thompson says:

    My mother has OCD – she is hyper-religious due to it, and constantly is either reading the bible, listening to her religious radio channel and/or writing religious notes. She also used to constantly record radio broadcasts on cassette tape. She has several baskets filled with them.

    When I brought a notebook computer to her house she was interested in learning to type on it so she could fill hard drives with the results of her graphomania.

    It made for an interesting childhood–especially as I am an athiest.

  30. Jeff Thompson says:

    Make that atheist. Sheesh.

  31. raczroli says:

    this guy went nuts for sure!!

  32. Mal says:

    hey guys!What are u talking about?i think it’s just sick all this.Definatly the author of all that is seriously ill. brrrr…this is crasy!

  33. Lola says:

    Who is from Odessa?

  34. rom says:

    Квартира Митасова. Харьков. Фото:Павел Маков.
    Митасов родился в середине 20 в. и умер в психиатрической больнице в 1999 году.
    Имел высшее образование, экономист, работал директором магазина.
    Заболев, покрыл все поверхности своей квартиры надписями, часто в несколько слоев.
    Сейчас в квартире проведен евроремонт. Отдельные надписи можно еще встретить в окрестных дворах.

    now the translation

    Mitasovs apartment. Kharkov. Photo by Pavel Makov.
    Mitasov was born in the middle of 20th century and died in psychiatric hospital in 1999.
    He had an university degree, was an economist, worked as stores head manager.
    when he got sick,he covered everything with inscriptions in several layers.
    right now the apartment is all fixed up.
    but in the neighborhood you can still see some of his inscriptions.

    here is the link to some more photos:


    and the last one, one on the house, reads: My happiness, I am here and waiting for you.

    and by the way the writing on the door does not say anything about Tibet. two first words don’t make sense, but are very similar to *You were*, and if thats right, then all together it reads *You were never a ground(earth,soil,dirt), and never will be.

  35. roy says:

    I think that this is graffiti just because I think this mans obsessing over writing the scripture, I don’t think he is doing it for an aesthetic purpose or having any thought process behind it. But if I applied this same type of idea to a poster, i guarantee that I would get an A in my graphic design class.

  36. eye says:

    Wow, this is really typical of the situation in the 90ies, so many people went insane.

    For those who don’t understand: an educated and successful economist went bonkers and covered his whole flat with inane incoherent misspelled writings sometime in the 90ies, perhaps after loosing his job and all he worked for.

  37. Natashka says:

    Chto strashno eto to, chto ego kvartira bol’she chem moy v Moskve. Interesno, esli on by zahotel obmenyatsya.

  38. Dosug says:

    Безгранично полезная инфа, согласен с автором!

  39. David Levy says:

    I think he means to write. you will never belong or fit in. I think that’s what he means when he writes you will never be of the earth. I think it’s very sad.

  40. javox says:

    very nice, poor guy if he really got mad….

  41. From Spain says:

    Maybe a mental illness?

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