102 Underwater Trial

Underwater Trial

Posted on October 12, 2007 by

driving under water 1

Is that true that the roads in Russia are so bad, that people have to drive under water? Anyway, they successfully do it, using Lada Niva, just an ordinary Russian off road car for the middle class.

driving under water 2

via www.zr.ru

driving under water 3

via www.zr.ru

driving under water 4

via www.zr.ru

driving under water 5

via www.zr.ru

driving under water 6

via www.zr.ru

driving under water 7

via www.zr.ru

driving under water 8

via www.zr.ru

driving under water 9

via www.zr.ru

driving under water 10

via www.zr.ru


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102 Responses to “Underwater Trial”

  1. Knee Grow says:


    nice niva 2

  2. John from Kansas says:

    This is a great sequence of photos. Thanks.

  3. Smetanka says:

    How do they cease allowing an electrical short? Amazing.

  4. Pius Thicknesse says:

    Goddamn, that’s just nuts. Underwater mods for cars are pretty cool though, we might need ‘em if the major cities of the world start flooding over thanks to global warming.

  5. John from Kansas says:

    That’s not smoke. It’s bubbles.

  6. Richard S. says:

    Just imagine the interior will stink in a few days…

  7. Tom from St. Louis Missouri says:

    unless this is just a big hoax, can someone explain how the engine is able to continue working while completely submerged?

    • AdolphPutin says:

      Tom, do you live near the John from Kansas? If so, please kick his ass. He needs good Russia style butt kicking.

  8. Ну и ну says:

    Diesel would work, gasoline engine no way

    • chef says:

      No wire protection was made exept the main processor unit. The pure water is dielectic (once again to prove that the lake was not urinated :)

  9. mad1982 says:

    OOOO nice don LADA good 2 see it like small ship ehehheh

  10. Texas1 says:

    Why does the dashboard have a USA sticker?

  11. ВИД says:

    Русские танки не тонут)))

  12. Premas says:


    Although there is no much there – just video and pics. I guess the full story is in the print edition only (so far).

  13. isernio says:

    That was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen, The ingenuinity (sp?) of the russian people continue to amaze me!

    • John from Kansas says:

      LOL. Great video cynical.

    • Texas1 says:

      You probably still get excited about the “technology” behind the Babushka doll.

    • tushan says:

      the truck’s a diesel AND military (specifically designed for snorkel operation). The Niva here is just a 1.6 petrol-engine civilian wagon with good off-road capabilities, fitted with two hoses.

      That’s why whether it operates underwater is TESTED by divers in the video. They clearly can afford a range of different cars. Still Niva fares very well (even rolling with water in its oil) and they are amused by it, nothing more.

  14. i love ape says:

    how much does niva like that (int pic one) cost & where can i buy it (in canada … eh?);

    • John from Kansas says:

      Wasn’t the Edsel’s problem more a marketing failure?

      • John from Kansas says:

        Yes, we don’t want to get started on that.

      • John from Kansas says:

        Yes, there was a lot of talk about how revolutionary the Edsel was going tho be. We heard it was going to have a jet engine and a bubble canopy like the Firebird II. Boy were we disapointed. After that we called it the car with a lemon in it’s mouth.

  15. chicken says:

    Wet suits are HOT !

  16. ahtoh says:

    This would make suitable vehicle for shark catching.

  17. Pros says:

    Nice carwash, but i don’t believe it: photoshop

  18. jajaj says:

    according to the equation(E=Mc2)the guys should be flying of to space by know XD….. no offence Babushka

  19. vic says:

    The trick is finding roads under water

    Also the Hummer H1 can do this with no problems

  20. Premas says:

    Water got into oil. Put some water into the oil tract in your car (whatever it is) – you’ll get the same.

  21. After all that, you got one underwater pic? Come on!

  22. Texas1 says:

    If I wasn’t so concerned about the environment, I would take that Russian hunk of junk and just park it at the bottom of that lake.

  23. AdolphPutin says:

    This thing probably leaks more oil than the hair on a russian jew.

  24. Alvaro says:

    Espectacular, que lcura

    los Lada son muy buenos !!!

    Felicitaciones desde Chile, Sur America



  25. thomas says:

    “how much does niva like that (int pic one) cost & where can i buy it (in canada … eh?);”

    whats that all aboot, eh? Why dont you take off, you hoser!


    the vehicle in the first picture does look pretty cool, I wish there were more pictures of that vehicle. It is pretty obvious that the junker driving under water is not the vehicle in the first picture….and if it is, it is the 10-20 year old version, not one of the current models.

    And FYI…..when talking about American cars and reliability….Ford is not the company to even begin to think about. A cripple in a wheel chair with blunt force trauma can operate better than most ford vehicles….with the exception of some of the heavy duty diesel trucks.

  26. John Albright says:

    Do you know las GW Bush gaffe? See it here and tell me if it’s true…

  27. Russian Media Source says:

    These guys are special forces, training for a special infiltration mission.

    I am not allowed to reveal the nature of the mission, or Putin will not allow me to keep the autographed photo of him bare-chested, riding bare-back, on horseback, in the Russian outback. I plan to trade it to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for a vacation spot on the shores of the Persian gulf.

  28. Texas1 says:

    Russian Media Source is also my comment and where is Boris ?

  29. Richard S. says:

    Are there any Lada-Niva dealerships in Canada?

    • Amenhotep says:

      yes indeed, there is a Lada dealership in Canada.Its just outside Winnipeg.I own a 1996 Lada cossack-great little 4×4.Parts are not as hard to find as some believe.There is also a dealership in Quebec somewhere, perhaps Montreal

      • Scotia says:

        So I’ve heard that there is a garage in Richmond Hill, ON and a dealer in Montreal. But I haven’t had any luck tracking them down. Do you have any details on places in Canada where I could find parts?

  30. Texas1 says:

    The real Texas1 did not write this!

  31. Russian Media Source says:

    Conflicting reports from the Kremlin. Now my sources say these photos are of a contract hit team, solicited by the Dept. of International Contract Killers to infiltrate, and set off an explosion inside, the Arctic Survey Service the next time they try to plant Russian flag under polar ice cap. The Canadian Underwater Neutralization Team may also be involved.

    International intrigue–it becomes too complicated for even Kasparov to figure it out.

  32. Russian Media Source says:

    Which one of you guys knows something about the plot to pluck Putin in Tehran

    Please tell me, so I will have some good information to trade for favors inside the red brick walls (wink, wink. You know where I’m talking about). ;)

    Come on. . . .

  33. ikke says:

    let op scheveningen de russen kommen…. dan toch ??

  34. badnewswade says:

    On behalf of my fellow brits, I apologise profusely for all those Lada jokes. And may I be the first to say… I WANT ONE!!

  35. claude blouin says:

    that was cool…I cant for the submarine driving on the highway conversion!!

  36. claude blouin says:

    oops!…should read:I cant wait for the submarine driving on the highway conversion!!

  37. Robert Schofield says:

    An interesting EXERCISE in deed.My only concern is I have seen a Niva stall in a lot less water,but it was not prepared for swimming at all.Best Wishes to all involved with this exercise.BOBBY.

  38. chef says:

    It will be here http://www.zr.ru/articles/53509/ in few days. And I can notify that all members of expedition are OK and it was no urine in the lake (it’s – I cannot say it in English – some residus like in the many north lakes). I recommend also to see the video (the same link as above).

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  41. Garland Voss says:

    I consider this can be exciting and don’t see posted often. This is wonderful data.

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