22 Would You Like to Buy it?

Would You Like to Buy it?

Posted on October 11, 2007 by

Russian gangsters sell out their personal transport 1

Looks like Russian gangsters of the 90s retire and sell out their personal transport. They know which car is better to drive, because this is Mercedes S-klasse (W140). And even more…

Russian gangsters sell out their personal transport 2

Mercedes S-klasse (W140) is very spacious car.

Russian gangsters sell out their personal transport 3

With a big boot.


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22 Responses to “Would You Like to Buy it?”

  1. ZARV says:

    I’ll bye it.

  2. the guy with stone knuckles says:

    Sometimes russian humor is not that funny. Fortunately, vodka is available all around the world and that helps it a lot.

  3. Bishop Brennan says:

    What the hell is going on in the 4th picture down?

  4. Stink finger says:

    Russiam wiggas, what next?

  5. I am says:

    FAKE ! Huinya !

  6. Shtirlitz says:

    Off-topic. Saw it today by accident. Was rather shocked. I knew, that racism is flourishing in Russia, but this is really something.

    In the beginning it says: “National-Socialist Party of Rus[sia]“, then “NSPR operation on arrest and execution of two colonists from Dagestan and Tadjikistan, 2007″.


  7. Al Gore says:

    I get Nobel prize ! I’m happy !

  8. Pornotitel says:

    Ich habe letztens auf der Party nach Pornotitel gegoogelt..wir haben uns so krass kaputt gelacht :D danach hat n Kumpel dann lustigepornotitel.de rausgehauen..wir haben mindestens ne halbe Stunde nur gelacht :D

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