29 Russians Jump from the Roofs

Russians Jump from the Roofs

Posted on October 10, 2007 by

Russians Jump from the Roofs 1

It turned out, that they not even express their feelings to each other at the height of 100 feet (30 meters) without any security ropes. They can simply jump from exactly the same roof, using these ropes. What’s next?

Russians Jump from the Roofs 2

Russians Jump from the Roofs 3


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29 Responses to “Russians Jump from the Roofs”

    • zafarad says:

      Yes,you are right.i have too suspicious about the quality of bungee rope.main and back up ropes are too thin and weake.also they look like very ordinary rubber elastics.i wonder how local authority allow this `game of death`?so called `thrill thrusters`are very poor in common sense.Russia already lacking in population and human resources,but i don`t know why Putin take some serious steps towards strict disciplines and control on youths! ! ! ! ! !

  1. Sacha says:

    as always, real first here.

  2. markku says:

    jumping from the rooftops WITHOUT the ropes.
    that’s what’s next.

  3. Sarah Zaluppa says:

    More vodka ! More !

  4. Bernie says:

    When looking at the way they jump away and the fact that they all wear a backpack it looks like its not just jumping for fun but some kind of training for basejumping or so.

  5. Crow says:

    Wow, i’d love to see a video of this!

  6. AeroSquid says:

    all the pics are of the exact same thing. where are the pics of them soaring out over the trees and coming back?

  7. Pacific NW says:

    The helmets seem a bit redundant.

  8. Finnmerchant says:

    this looks like the same spot as in the picture where the woman lies on top of the man..!!!???

  9. chicken says:

    Some great ass viewing shots in these pics :D

  10. lynne says:

    perhaps theyve just lost the will to live after sitting throug h all 4minutes and 3 seconds of Steklovata singing Novi God…I know that I was ready to throw myself from a high bridge at around the one minute mark.

  11. Zadira (aka Myxa) says:

    ahhaha… i can see myfriends here=)

  12. john says:

    you should get pictures of the graffiti in these abandoned places

  13. JKS says:

    It’s their butt, let them do what they want. Personal freedom!

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