53 In Moscow, Russia Firemen Ride Porsche

In Moscow, Russia Firemen Ride Porsche

Posted on October 9, 2007 by

firemen ride porsche in Moscow 1

It’s not quite clear why do the firefighter squad needs a Porsche SUV, but they have it.

firemen ride porsche in Moscow 2

firemen ride porsche in Moscow 3

firemen ride porsche in Moscow 4

firemen ride porsche in Moscow 5

firemen ride porsche in Moscow 6

firemen ride porsche in Moscow 7

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53 Responses to “In Moscow, Russia Firemen Ride Porsche”

  1. ottovp says:


  2. John from Kansas says:

    Surely there is a domestic Russian vehicle that would fill the same requirement.

    • zafarad says:

      You are right,but commission mafia don`t like their local vehicles and equipments.Soviet and now Russians have very long list of specialised vehicles.if local authority decides purchasing local vehicles,they might save big amount and may be 3 or 4 more vehicles instead of one! ! ! ! !.

  3. lokshine says:

    This special edition Cayenne was presented to firemen by Porsche AG on Moscow’s 860th anniversary. Porsche just opened its flagship dealership in Moscow.

  4. talking beaver says:


    maybe they think, that they are being cool, but to me it is just a foolish waste of resources.

    unless, of course, this is a cunning marketing move from Porsche dealers.

  5. Glenn says:

    This is a long-range dispatch firefighting unit.

    Its not for getting two blocks down the street.

    It’s for literally traveling sixty miles to a fire.

    You have to understand how large Russia is, and how remote some areas are. Once you grasp how HUGE Russia really is, it makes perfect sense to have a high performance vehicle for long-range jobs.

    Would you want a Hyundai on your two hundred mile, one hundred mile per hour trek into the woods to put out a blaze?

  6. FF says:

    Would you want a Hyundai on your two hundred mile, one hundred mile per hour trek into the woods to put out a blaze?

    Duh !?#@%!?

    There wont be any fire to PUT OUT if You have o drive 200 miles!

    Maybe mother russia should invest in a few more fire stations huh?

  7. Chicken says:

    Isnt CNT abrieviation for that other C word ?

  8. Boris Abramov says:

    I haven’t seen many luxury cars in the Moscow Fire Dep, but I did see some very nice cars in the Police dep. I’ve seen Land Cruisers, Land Rovers, Infinity fx and quite a few Porsche cayennes just like this one:


    I think its a real shame that they would rather spend their resources on unnecessary luxuries then provide more financial incentives for the police officers in order for them not to take bribes. But I guess that’s just how things are done in russia.

  9. Boris says:

    This is where all the money towards Moscow and St. Petersburg goes… To buy Porsches for firefighters near the Kremlin (as seen in the last picture) and Audis/Mercedes for Putin’s guards.

    What a waste-get your priorities straight. There’s a whole country out there with underdeveloped transportation, high death rate, high inflation, exorbitant prices, low wage, corruption, business fraud/monopoly, pollution, meager pension/benefits, etc. The list goes on and on…

    Many Russians may seem that their country is just great and there are no problems. Some of them don’t even live in Russia anymore, and those who do, refuse to accept the belief that there are many problems. Plus the rest of Russia (excluding Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi, and other European areas) has virtually no tourists at all, hence the much worse conditions.

  10. edebei_golin says:

    does any body know ( D , Boris ) how to stream an embeded video thats on a website in such a way that it would be saved on your harddrive as a media file? i know how to save mms:// stuff like that but embeded videos arent mms , any ideas?

  11. lokshine says:

    As I have written above, the fire department did’t buy this vehicle. In fact, this custom-built SUV was given by Porsche as a gift. It’s a smart publicity move, as Porsche just opened a $19m dealership center in Moscow.

  12. Yegorij says:

    This SUV is to transport Shoygu (russian minister of emergency situations) personally, to prevent excessive shaking of his brain during transportation on russian roads

  13. mad1982 says:

    OMG -good done Russia firemen eheheheh

  14. Yegorij says:

    Probably no in his own posession. It’s not his gauge. Dut Rolls-Royce could be more strange as an equipment of the FD.
    But his blood relatives do. What do you want to see from a people who came from a regio with aboriginal society? They can’t reject an opulence.

    And the remark about kickback is very exact.

  15. Vadim says:


  16. Igor sees many of these around, They always respond to my truck crashes,

  17. BlSabbatH says:

    look at the italian police

  18. [...] on public roads? Enrol in the russian fire and rescue (click link and scroll down for photos): English Russia In Moscow, Russia Firemen Ride Porsche …red colour is not you? …enrol in the russian police then: English Russia Porsche Police [...]

  19. nhf says:

    German cops drive that same car, why firefighters can’t have it?:)

  20. tesiing says:

    how much does a brand new porshe cayenne cost in Russia

  21. SoftwareThief says:

    it’s not a porsche, it’s a Lada with a porshe badge!¬

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