36 Buran. Still Alive?

Buran. Still Alive?

Posted on October 9, 2007 by

new pictures of Buran in Moscow 1

In our recent publications we have already told much about the Soviet space program and especially about Buran, the first and the only Soviet space shuttle. Last time we saw him standing abandoned somewhere in the lonely place at Baikonur. But here are quite unexpected information. Recently some Russian bloggers have spotted Buran at some river port in the north part of Moscow. So it doesn’t fly into the space anymore but still can move, at least through the country and by water.

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new pictures of Buran in Moscow 2

new pictures of Buran in Moscow 3

via riverpilgrim

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36 Responses to “Buran. Still Alive?”

  1. Michael says:


  2. anton says:


  3. anton says:

    So does anyone know whats going to happen to it? Is it going to end up in a museum? Will they take it apart? Maybe used for some sort of testing?

    They can’t just keep moving it around, as fun as it may be.

  4. yingjai says:

    Hopefully a continuation of the project? Not necessarily reusing the same prototype, but maybe using it as a testbed for more modern and advanced systems.

  5. Peter says:

    It seems to be Buran 2.02 after its move on the parking.

  6. zax says:

    It is my understanding that there were several Burans. One of them flew, another one was complete (with engines), and a few others were partialy completed. Who knows which one is that on picture…

    • ElwoodBlues says:

      I’m pretty sure this was the ‘#2′ I heard the first and only one that flew was destroyed when the roof over it collapsed.

      It is still in the same place it was photographed as of Jan 09. I went to see it.. But the security guard wouldn’t let me in for a few photos. The best I could do was over the fence next to it.. and though the steel gate.. Could easily get out on the river but really need to be up on a ship to see anything rather than down on the ice.

  7. Disconnect says:

    1. Макет “Бурана”, аппарат ОК-М, использовался для прочностных испытаний, в атмосфере не бывал. В 1995 продан АО “Космос-Земля” и сейчас работает аттракционом а ЦПКиО.
    2. БТС-002, аппарат для атмосферных испытаний. Побывав в 1999-2000 в Сиднее на Олимпийских играх, он эммигрировал в Бахрейн, а сейчас – в Зинсхмайме, в музее техники.
    3. Аппарат 1.01 – “Буран”, тот самый, летавший 15.11.1988. Погиб в 2002 году на Байконуре под рухнувшей крышей.
    4. Аппарта 1.02 – “Птичка”, аналог “Бурана”, планировался полёт в начале 90-х, но в космос не слетал, остался на Байконуре и сейчас работает там памятником.
    5. Аппарат – 2.01 был изготовлен на 40-50% к моменту прекращения программы. В 10.2004 перевезён из цехов ТМЗ на причал Химкинского водохранилища, где находится до настоящего времени на временном хранении.

    В начале 90-х были заделы ещё по двум аппаратам 2.02 и 2.03, но они были уничтожены ещё на ТМЗ.

    Так что сейчас есть 2 целых макета (в Москве и Зинсхайме), 1 лётный (но нелетавший в космос) корабль на Байконуре и вот это чудо на Химкинском водохранилище.

  8. prokee says:

    “Last time we saw him standing abandoned somewhere in the lonely place at Baikonur”

    That shuttle at Baikonur is not the “real Buran”, as it was written in comments too. OK-ML-1 is a prototype for testing.

    Shuttle above on the pics seems like OK-2.02, wich was placed in a factory near to Moscow. Partially completed, but only the main body and some pre-engine components installed.

    Later laid on the ground at the factory for some years, and transported to somewhere (maybe to this port?)

    Other infos (in hungarian, sorry):

  9. D says:

    What a waste. Either fly it, or take it apart.

  10. lechuj says:


  11. lynne says:

    …Dunno,although I do know that in space….no-one can hear you scream.If you’re planning any sort of interplanetary travel at all,I should take the vaseline anyway just in case. Hope this helped!

  12. Pavel says:

    Egy masik Magyar? yey!!

  13. Dungeonbrownies says:

    zerogravity ejaculation. what a mess.

    • brian says:

      Yes. I saw the one at Gorky Park in late August. It was set up next to the river and had step going up to it but you could not gain access on these steps. Several of the heat tiles were off and laying about on the ground.

  14. John from Kansas says:

    Is one of the Burans still at Gorky Park?

    • ElwoodBlues says:

      Yes.. and no.

      From what I have heard the one in Gorky park is an engineering mock-up made to test particular systems. It looks the same from the Goggle Earth photo.. But when you walk up to it in person.. well. it’s just not the same.

  15. Domo says:

    Someone here already mentioned the following link: (everything about 11 burans built)


    And, yes, one of them is still in Gorky park (see TVA model)

  16. prokee says:

    Valszeg pár magyar jár ide, MERT VALAMI MINDIG TÖRTÉNIK A SZÁRAZFÖLD 1/6-ÁN :D

  17. Klaatu Barada Nikto says:

    The real last one !

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  20. Oliver says:

    One of the Buran’s is in Germany @ a museum

  21. Ibragim_Astana says:

    Baiqonir- Kazakhstan ))

  22. Hmmm.... says:

    that is going to make a lot of beer cans.

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  25. yingjai says:

    They would also classify you as a terrorist if you are 7 years old.

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