35 The Sputnik Cult

The Sputnik Cult

Posted on October 5, 2007 by

sputnik (satellite) in Russian architecture 1

Yesterday we mentioned the 50th anniversary of “Sputneg” (or “Sputnik”) the first artificial Earth satellite. The same year it was launched it had a big impact on all the areas of Soviet life. For example many architects wanted to commemorate Sputneg in their architecture, so many of the houses built that year carry the simplified Sputnik logo on them. Here is some examples:

This is how the Sputnik itself looked like:

(via museum.ru)

And these are the architectural examples with a Sputnik logo:

sputnik (satellite) in Russian architecture 2

sputnik (satellite) in Russian architecture 3

sputnik (satellite) in Russian architecture 4

sputnik (satellite) in Russian architecture 5

sputnik (satellite) in Russian architecture 6

sputnik (satellite) in Russian architecture 7

sputnik (satellite) in Russian architecture 8

sputnik (satellite) in Russian architecture 9


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35 Responses to “The Sputnik Cult”

  1. Pacific NW says:

    I don’t know about this post. Seems like a bit of a stretch.

  2. alecs says:

    i wish i had a sputnik logo on my house

  3. lithuanian says:


  4. its called Sputnik not Sputneg

  5. Justin says:

    I would think most of these buildings were build waaaay before Sputnik..

  6. spaceface says:

    most are photoshopped.

    even the photo of sputnik itself is photoshopped,

    …as indeed is this message..

  7. Kapycta says:

    eh…?? A bit far fetched huh? But that’s also partly what makes this site so charming =)

  8. yes, it HAS to happen... says:


  9. Babushka says:

    This is not Sputnik logo… it’s ‘spear fishing rod end’ with the 3 spikes. This sensationalism has got tp stop.

  10. Boris Abramov says:

    What is it with you and Albania? By the amount of times you mentioned it, one could get an impression that you are truly in love with this country. Is that where you were born? :)

  11. zafarad says:

    Soviets re invent their very own symbols of their socialist religion.they pray sickle and hammer,symbol of sputnik and face of the Lenin.after all the instinct of human is demands something to obey and pray.

  12. Texas1 says:

    Alright, who is the person that keeps accusing me of being gay? I’m getting really tired of it.

  13. Largecanine says:

    Sputnik was the best thing to happen to the USA.

  14. talking beaver says:

    Well. The first peace actually also does not look very much like sputnik. God only (or Lenin) knows what does that depict…

    • Bert says:

      It’s ontopic. It’s the bas-relief base of the Space Obelisk at the VDNKh exhibition park in Moscow, and is dedicated to the USSR’s early years of space. I’m pretty sure there’s a Sputnik in there somewhere…

      • talking beaver says:

        “USSR’s early years of space”

        That reminds me of this Polish joke:

        It is 1961 and a guy shouts out to his neighbor – Hey! Have you heard it? The Russians flew to the outer space!
        – Really? All of them?
        – No! Just one!
        – Just one??? So why the hell are you bothering me?!


        • Boris Abramov says:

          Yet another reminder that xenophobia was and still is a part of everyday life in Poland. So sad..

          • Boris Abramov says:

            Me hypocritical? How exactly?

            Me and a few other people are the only ones who who have the guts to stand up against xenophobia, anti-Semitism and Racism on this site on the daily basis. So why are calling me a hypocrite? Please support you accusation.

          • There are many words to name the thing people feel to the occupants, but xenophobia is not one of them.

  15. Erik Velzing says:

    Nice pictures, but anyone knows where the real sputnik is? Or did it burn up in space?

    • Moscoff says:

      I remember reading that it did burn up on re-entry, but pieces of it have ironically fallen on the yard or a guy in USA.

      Ironically, because thus it demonstrated the principle of delivery of nuclear device from USSR to USA.

      Though I do not guarantee that I remember it correctly. :)

  16. Excalibur says:

    You can’t see it really clearly in this photo, but in the first picture, there’s a swastika spray painted on Lenin’s forehead. It’s been there for quite a while (was there in 2005). No one really seems to care about these monuments of historical achievement.

  17. This is ornament very popular in secession style (Jugendstil). It has nothing to do with sputnik and is of course 50 years older than it.

    But you can see sputnik decoration some times. For example on the roof of Moskau Cafe in Berlin.

  18. zarce says:

    In argentina are there buildings of 1850 whit this simbol

  19. [...] fifty seven saw the launch of Sputnik 1- the first artificial satellite to orbit the Earth. This feat was met by terror from an American [...]

  20. [...] fifty seven saw the launch of Sputnik 1- the first artificial satellite to orbit the Earth. This feat was met by terror from an American [...]

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