59 Riverside Walk

Riverside Walk

Posted on October 5, 2007 by

tractor in the Russian river 1

Taking a walk along this nice-looking Russian river can bring you to…

tractor in the Russian river 2

tractor in the Russian river 3

…an abandoned tractor, right in the middle of it.

via lablasers

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59 Responses to “Riverside Walk”

  1. Maka Maka Maj says:


  2. Bob says:

    Hurry, Get the tank and melt it! we need to make some more airplane bombers

  3. Matthew Carrick says:

    Bass and other fish love structure so here it is!

  4. Justin says:

    What a beautiful nature. What part of russia is this?

    • Boris says:

      Dude…are you kidding me?
      99% of Siberia is like this. I’ve seen much more beautiful settings. Tourists never see it in Moscow or St. Petersburg.

      • Justin says:

        I suppose you’re right. You see all i’ve seen of russia was just St Petersburg and the very centre of Moscow, so obviously I was not able to see all this lush countryside.

        Hopefully next time I go I will try to venture out a little bit further, maybe even Siberia. What parts of Siberia do you suggest I visit?

        • alex says:

          none, you don’t want to go roaming around a place where you won’t find a human being within 100 miles. if you wanna go see nature and stuff go to Karelia

  5. 7 mile Detroit Killaz! says:

    How about America clean up Detroit?

    What about that?

  6. Steve Pellen says:

    I think that Saxty did it cos hes a pervert

  7. Visitor says:

    I’d like to know where these photos were taken. I see forest in one photo, and maybe part of a steppe (?) in another. I like it, wherever it is.

  8. John from Kansas says:

    Beautiful country!

    • zafarad says:

      But badly governed! ! ! !

    • J.Goose says:

      come up to Canada then…we have the same kind of scenery…minus the tractors, gangsters and Espiocracy (Gov’t by spies..I lurnd a new wurd)

      • John from Kansas says:

        Yes, Canada is beautiful. I will definitely visit again. A new word for me also. What is your take on it?

        • Boris Abramov says:

          I heard Alaska is even more stunning with the same kind of scenery. I would love to visit it someday. Have you ever been?

          • I`m back! ! ! ! ! says:

            No,Alaska is coming on my door step.because of polluted rain,comes from the Alaskan wilderness.dirty oil exploration companies and commercial forest companies are so heavily destroying natural balance of Alaska.i have also enjoying rising temperature of my region due to over cutting of Alaskan forest.

          • John from Kansas says:

            Boris, I have not yet been to Alaska. Portland Oregon is as far to the northwest as I have been so far. I love the northwest coast.

            • Boris Abramov says:

              I don’t know about the northwest, I neve been. What I do know is that the whole Seattle area has a virtually identical climate to that of middle England. Therefore, I would think the flora would be pretty much the same, but I could be wrong.

          • Texas1 says:

            Only crazy separatists live in Alaska.

  9. SashaVolkov says:

    Красивая река.Прикольные фотки.

  10. Jennifer says:

    The bear Photoshopped it.

  11. Kaiser says:


  12. zafarad says:

    Please get out from anal tunnel.

  13. zafarad says:

    Tell me about the right way to walk around the banks of this pond.

  14. elisei_zorine says:

    i want to buy a russian bike, DNEPR, does anybody know how much do they cost now, & where to buy?

    • maxD says:

      They are quite cheap. A used BMW R-boxer from the ’70’s can be bought for aprox. 2000 euro’s. A Dnjepr/Ural is considered less trustworthy [rightfully so] and cheaper. BMW parts can be used to maintain it. And it needs a lot of maintenance, being constructed of second rate materials and with outdated technology. Don’t expect BMW quality !

      Ever thought of the Chinese BMW-clone Chiang Jiang ? Looks better than the Ural and is based on the same BMW..

      Here’s a link to a [french] website with pictures of many BMW clones, incl. Dnepr and Chiang Jiang.



  15. Pros says:

    copy and paste

  16. Texas1 says:

    Maybe Dorothy could use a Hillary Clinton nut cracker.


  17. PacificNW says:

    50 years ago, much of the U.S. was pretty much the same. Before the highways and other advancments, like garbage dumps, farmers would dump there refuse in the river, that’s just how it was. They didn’t know any better. The use of DDT was encouraged, my grandfather died of cancer related to it. There were dramatic declines in populations of species such as the bald eagle. Now that we don’t dump in the river and spray DDT on everything, our eagle populations have rebounded and they’re thriving, at least in the NW U.S..

    • Al says:

      True but you still cannot eat the fish out of the Duwamish river in Seattle and the orcas have toxins in their fatty tissue. This tractor is minor, go to the Appalachians in the east. They are a pit of death due to coal mining.

  18. Boris Abramov says:

    No, I think I will pass on that.

  19. illlich says:

    Obviously this either fell through the ice in spring, or broke down on the ice in winter and was not retrieved before the thaw.

    The whole world is polluted. I was in the middle of nowhere in New Hampshire or Maine, in the national forest, miles and miles from any road or trail, and found beer cans and trash lying around in the woods. Every major river in the world is polluted, Lake Michigan was so polluted at one point that satellites photographing the earth read parts of the lake as “land.” Even lake Baikal in Siberia has toxins.

    *sigh* we get what we deserve.

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