47 Real Elves in Russian Woods

Real Elves in Russian Woods

Posted on October 5, 2007 by

Real Elves in Russian Woods 1

Two Voronezh foresters spotted strange resembling a human being creature with the long ears and blue skin. The blue elf (he was named in such a way) behaved very aggressively, brandishing with his battle cutlass! At the end he started to use bad language and even tried to take off the camera. Nobody can say anything definite about the color of his skin.

Real Elves in Russian Woods 2

Real Elves in Russian Woods 3

Real Elves in Russian Woods 4

Real Elves in Russian Woods 5

Real Elves in Russian Woods 6

Real Elves in Russian Woods 7

submitted by Toshka

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47 Responses to “Real Elves in Russian Woods”

  1. Keith says:

    Haha. Quite funny.

  2. adios says:

    cho za dolbayob?

  3. Dewes says:

    since when elves have wings?

  4. Bassem B. says:

    is a PHOTOSHOP.

  5. alecs says:

    Thats the guy who posts the pictures, or his boyfriend !

  6. 8 says:

    this is so gay

  7. Feelov says:

    Эльфы, мать их за ногу!

  8. illlich says:

    Homosexuality is so gay!

  9. Chicken says:

    Why does this remind me of power rangers? That program is sooooooo….

  10. illlich says:


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  12. D says:

    There is a real skin disease that turns skin blue. There is a documented case of a family with the blue gene in kentucky.


  13. Dixieland says:

    This is not what I expected a real elf to look like. If he would ditch the wings that would be a snazzy costume.

  14. mikeylikesit says:

    Ummmmm forgot to paint his hands blue to match his face.

  15. Chicken says:

    Kentucky scares me to DEATH

  16. lithuanian says:

    Cosplay is very popular in Japan and US. Very ghey hobby. Grown people dress as anime and manga characters, meet and mingle together for the sole reason of dressing up as their favorite cartoon. Google “cosplay”. Dumbest thing in the world.

  17. MSC says:

    Tolkien fanboys =\

  18. bezdomny says:


  19. Chicken says:

    Wow, men should never cover this !

    Your clever to spot this .. I will watch out for men trying to evade me now !

  20. Oni says:

    How boring.

  21. Jim says:

    this is too gay.

  22. SFK says:



  23. Dungeonbrownies says:

    thats awful. I thought russia wouldnt have problems with damn LARPERs. poor poor country… whats it become?

  24. thehandofbotar says:

    drug’s are bad mmmkk.

  25. Texas1 says:

    Sarah, is this photo a picture of you?

  26. BaloME says:

    That is just plain balls deep gay……

  27. Macaca says:

    Lol.. notice he poses his head the same in each picture..

    Pansy i say.

  28. repsac says:

    Someone takes their World of Warcraft WAY too seriously

  29. Anthony says:

    Destroy all Larpers!

  30. denis says:

    oh you are lieing to all of us .liers.he is a real human but colored in blue.

  31. Bob says:

    Elf? He looks more like a fairy to me…

  32. Holly says:

    liers that is ar REAL MAN!!!!!
    you better watch out
    you better not lie
    you better not dress as an elf
    i am telling you why!

  33. w says:

    Incredibily GAY

  34. Laurie says:

    Aw, too cute!! Elves are so cool <3

  35. petrolhead says:

    Is it ‘Pasha in the woods’ part 2?

  36. iersad says:

    SHE is a girl. really. was a story about her on a rus site

  37. none says:

    Woah it looks like an avatar!!

  38. Cat says:

    It is fake, it is blue paint. And the ears are fake as well. The “cloths” are human made and so are the cutlass. I do not think that the elf would have acted aggresively, I think it would rather run away and hide then to pose for a few more shots.

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