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Half Tank

Posted on October 4, 2007 by

Russian tank tank with wheels and tracks  1

This half tank could use and its four wheels and the two tracks on its sides. When it needs a high speed it lifts the tracks and moves very fast, on paved roads etc, but when it gets stuck in some heavy mud and four wheel drive is not enough it emerges its two tracks and can get out of some heavy swamps. And if the inflated rubber wheels get shot flat or burned down he can also use tracks – the wheels are not necessary when it moves on tracks.

Russian tank tank with wheels and tracks  2

Russian tank tank with wheels and tracks  3

Russian tank tank with wheels and tracks  4

Russian tank tank with wheels and tracks  5

Russian tank tank with wheels and tracks  6

via Russkoe Oruzhie

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46 Responses to “Half Tank”

  1. I-Eat-Food says:

    Beautiful tank we destroyed thousands of them in Afghanistan and around the world. Better yet! It was filled with Russians!!

  2. talking beaver says:

    It looks like if it would have been assembled of bits and pieces found in various Russian army warehouses.

    Though on last two pics there undeniably is some similarity to Batmobile.

    Soviet Batmobile… :)

  3. Boris Abramov says:

    What are you talking about? Man, you really should stop saying the first thing that comes into you head. It makes you sound quite disturbed to say the least :)

    • Boris Abramov says:

      “Closing the discussion” is what you do quite often these days, isn’t it? Or rather what you do when you cannot win or at least sustain a credible argument or discussion. So in future, if you are an absolute amature on the issue, just keep your mouth shut and talk about something that your little Neocon brain can actually digest – such as; how many guns you have or how you like to take your Jimmy off road.

      Good day.

    • D says:

      Nobody has the incompetence to comprehend your brain puke. Discussion closed.

  4. Boris Abramov says:

    Are you surprised? Daily dose of the Fox news channel would make anyone go mad. After watching it for an hour, I wanted to join the US military and sing Star-spangled banner. And that’s just me.. :)

  5. D says:

    My opinion is worth more than your rant.

  6. numb says:

    What about those sites?

    I think they prove the point that russians need vehicles for various terrains. One could say that the roads are from the 40s, not the vehicles.

  7. John from Kansas says:

    Quite an interesting vehicle.

  8. Pacific NW says:

    Nice one.

  9. chaosgone says:

    I want one. That would be great for traffic jams! :)

  10. Henry says:

    This is an experimental prototype from the early fifties. The research led to the design of the very succesful, fast and sophisticated BRDM recon vehicles. Now it’s a museum piece.

  11. John from Kansas says:

    Hey D, LOL. Jungle juice. Now there is a term I have not heard for many years.

  12. Texas1 says:


  13. Pros says:

    Fake… photoshop!!

  14. Al says:

    Nothing is ever obsolete, special forces still use crossbows and you can still kill someone with a spear. Soldiers still carry knives for hand to hand combat. This vehicle is a hybrid, it probably serves as a scout and utility vehicle and it defintely has great mobility. I bet it could murder a bunch of tanks immobilized in mud using its superior mobility and a 30mm cannon. It just depends on the situation.

  15. maxD says:

    I guess they cover up the ventilation hole in the front [with the nice view of the engine] when things get serious.

    Otherwise this thing would be as easy to stop as a bicycle.

  16. John from Kansas says:

    Credit for positive comment= 1 gold star @#201 …Weddings.

  17. Gurtek singh says:

    what a bad comment by “I-Eat-Food” please don’t such posts.

  18. brbrbr says:

    early hal-tracked GAZ version of BMP-1 IFV, dropped in favor for tracked version.

  19. Xpltivdletd says:

    OK (if commenting on the vehicle is allowed here), I can see this thing as a flat-land vehicle. If something bad happens to all its rubber, and you don’t have to start, stop, or turn, any way but very gently, you might be just fine until you come to a hill.

    Then you may have a problem, going up or descending (or shooting). Best regards.

  20. Cheap says:

    make it a truck or a tank but not both

  21. PT3 says:

    As a former member of the United States Army Mechanized Infantry whose duties included familiarizing his fellow soldiers on the equipment and tactics of our Soviet counterparts, I immediately recognized the similarity between this vehicle and the BRDM-series of vehicles. They are fine vehicles, but could hardly be described as tanks. Even the Soviets would never have described them as such. They are lightly armored vehicles at best, and only those armed with ATGMs are armed well enough to damage a real armored fighting vehicle. Unfortunately, I was with the crew of an M2 Bradley IFV, a vehicle designed by congress to fulfill the role of a light tank and an infantry fighting vehicle like the Israeli Merkava and the Soviet BMP. Sadly, the Bradley was a dismal failure in many ways and many members of the crews and dismount elements ended up as casualties, even during peacetime training. I always wanted to get my hands on a BTR or BRDM and see how it handled.

  22. Really an amazing thing to see “Half Tank” that’s cool. I think that there are many odd looking things in Russian Arms than any other countries arms. I like the Half tank concept but it can only be appreciated in Russia. By the way keep up the good work…

  23. Hewobi says:

    It’s no created in fotoshop. It’s prototype. Object 19

  24. FFA P-16 says:

    What is the name/ designation of this wheel /track tank? Why was it never gone in massproduction?. I visited the Tankmuseum Kubinka near Moscow, i saw a few prototypes there (like the 4 tracktank or the 6wheel “BTR-60″ But this one was not in the Museum. I think it is very interesting.

  25. Obakeinu says:

    Hmm, looks like a BTR-60 and a BMP were left alone in the woods… and this is what wandered out 9 months later. ;-p

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