31 Soviet Food Posters

Soviet Food Posters

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Soviet Food Posters 33

Every Soviet citizen should eat only healthy and high-quality food. So there was no place for a famine in the USSR, at least on these posters. 🙂

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Soviet Food Posters 3

Soviet Food Posters 4

Soviet Food Posters 5

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Soviet Food Posters 10

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31 responses to “Soviet Food Posters”

  1. Ну и ну says:

    sick food, I hate it

  2. Nikolai says:

    Mmmmmmmmmmm grechka.. tolokno.. chernaya ikra, kak ya po etomu soskuchilsya

  3. adios says:

    многое увидел в первый раз.не хватает соломки и чая со слоном.

    • Sacrament says:

      Такие картинки есть в кулинарной книге “О вкусной и здоровой пище”)

  4. Yegorij says:

    All these pics are taken from “Book on tasty and healthy food”

  5. TeratoMarty says:

    Picture 2: green wads in red sauce, mm-mm good! The picture of the corn wrapped in cellophane looks very much like something Americans would have done in the 1950s. The presumption is that anything nature can do, man can do better. Corn, in this case, comes wrapped pefectly nicely in its own natural package, but the bias toward technology forced someone to unwrap it, and then wrap it up again in plastic.

    See this site for American comparison: http://www.lileks.com/institute/gallery/index.html

  6. Boris Abramov says:

    That caviar looks absolutely delicious! Everytime I go to Russia, I bring at least 10 jars back. Certainly beats paying £50 for 100g in London 🙁

    But be warned, not all caviar is genuine in russia, so try before you buy – and try a lot 🙂

    • Boris says:

      Almost all caviar from Russia is fake due to overfishing. I guess they’ll never understand (until they won’t have any more sturgeon).

      • Boris Abramov says:

        Yes, selling fake caviar is a rather common practice in Russia. However, I can always tell whether the caviar is genuine by the way it looks and smells. Also, even if I buy it enclosed in the shop, before taking it home, I open the jar and see if its to the quality I desire. If not, I just take it back and noramlly no one seems to give me any trouble.

        With regards to overfishing, it is an absolute tragedy! Black see has lost almost all of its fish reserves. Its was even evident when I went diving on the Crimea’s south coast. Much of the fish I saw ten years ago, simply weren’t there anymore. So yes, something must be done. And done now, if its not already too late.

  7. ABC says:

    It looks more mediteranian then russian.

  8. Boris says:

    I’m almost certain these posters came from Moscow, where there was plenty of food to eat and no deficit.

  9. Pros says:

    this food is photoshopped

  10. maxD says:

    Most of this food looks like it has been eaten and digested. After that they took the picture.

  11. Kris says:

    I remember canned fish called Sayra. That was good.

  12. Anousenka says:

    Mostly vse viglidit’ ochen vkusninka! Ya ochen’ hochu eti pelmenchiki c smetankai!! Yummy ^_^

  13. Alex says:

    These are not the posters, it is from a book about food. I have this book.

  14. Joykiller says:

    It’s funny, cos’ without Photoshop, they had to take photographs and apply some color paint on it to make pictures look better 🙂 “Ovsianaja kasha “Gerkules”” was really good as far as i remember.

  15. Mister Twister, former minister says:

    Russian food always better tasting when served in Russian-American restaurant in West Hollywood.
    Okay take it easy!

  16. Zack says:

    No salo?

  17. julienne says:

    Hot damn! Is that a rhubarb martini in #5? And to think I only used it for cakes and pies…

  18. Responding normally isn’t my thing, but i’ve spent an hour on the web log, so thanks for the fantastic info .

  19. panda says:

    and this food was available in shops those days..

  20. Lucas Watson says:

    what we use at home as bird food are sunflower seeds, we have lots of sunflower at home`~`

  21. Melatonin Supplement  says:

    we always buy organically grown bird foods from the local farm`-~

  22. american restaurants usually serve foods that are high in protein and also in saturated fats *

  23. Alesya says:

    This is bull. I am russian and this is not what we eat. What century are these pictures from anyway? Can you post something more modern? Russian food is simply awesome! Try it!!!!

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