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24 Responses to “Submitted Photos”

  1. Texas1 says:

    It’s been on here before. It is a repeat!

  2. Diego says:

    WTF!!! An old Stuka???

    • Aiwan says:

      NO, a replica. It’s 3\4 jf original and these photo shows it going to air show in Monino (or from the show). It can fly!

  3. AdolphPutin says:

    Where I find girl in “Entrance”? What Russia bride Internet site she on? How much do she cost? They ship using the FedEx?

  4. Chicken says:

    Oh I love the arse van picture !

  5. Jonny says:

    Its written “Hitler kaput” on the Stuka replica :)

  6. Richard S. says:

    About the McDonald’s photo… Is it doctored? A McDonald’s driveby outlet in a MetPo tunnel is inane.

  7. illlich says:

    whats the old woman selling in photo #5? garyachi bublichki?

  8. Jennifer says:

    I didn’t know that there were rednecks in Russia.

    ::runs for life::

  9. Eyegor says:

    That cute little green car looks like a pensioner’s home project.

  10. Уолт Дисней says:


  11. Russian says:

    Shut your McDonalds up into your arses ! We’re enough with our national cooking.

  12. Gerry says:

    Ok, there is no cow in Moscow. Mocba, ok. In Rossiya, McDonald’s is a sort of symbol, and not taken as a very good one. Once ate there (the one near the P.O.). at the insistance of a Russki friend. I understand that irritation with American ‘poop culture’ and fast food. Been in Rossiya many times, not business, just an old cold warrior given over to curiousity about the former USSR (CCCP).

    Very interesting. Made many friends, sponsored others to education in American schools (not so bad schools, ok). Been accused of having a ‘Russki soul’.

    Believe me, Russkis visiting the USA get all bent out of shape about how the hell they’re going to do THAT in 10 or 20 years. Which is understandable (there’s the shock thing). That’s fine, you’ll get there. Just a matter of working the problem. Luck! G]

  13. El_Greco says:

    That last picture with macdonalds is fake haha nice try

  14. Photos 34 says:

    Je dirais impressionnates photos, je trouve que c’est bien de voir la difference de culture entre les sites d’un pays a l’autre.
    Bonne continuation.

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