Rats attack Russian office 1

28 Rat Attack

Rat Attack

So from time to time different office fun photos appears. But this is something special made by Russian guys with the help of many soft
rats. At first a scout troop of rats appeared as you can see on the photo above. Look down to see what happened next:
Abanoned Military Signal Office Centre 1

55 Abanoned Military Signal Office Centre

Abanoned Military Signal Office Centre

The Soviet Era has left the world many military objects that came out of use and now stay abandoned, like this old military signal office centre. See also: Abandoned Anti-Aircraft
Missile Launching Site Another Abandoned Military Aircraft Old Aircraft-Carrier Helicopter in the Forest Murmansk Military Objects Abandoned Russian Planes
a parody on some professional photoset 1

44 Parody Car Photoset

Parody Car Photoset

A group of Russian men made a parody on some
fashionable photo set from one Russian glossy magazine.
he cheap way of converting Lada into Oka 1

16 Making Oka from Lada

Making Oka from Lada

This is Lada 21099 - quite widely distributed Russian car. And this Russian midget car is
called Oka. Now see the cheap way of converting Lada into Oka by one's own hands.
Soviet Ads for Western Audience 1

39 Soviet Ads for Western Audience

Soviet Ads for Western Audience

There were almost no ads in the Soviet Union at all, except for the rare cases. For example,
these promotional posters were intended for the foreign tourists and visitors.
soviet contraceptive devices 1

72 Stay Protected: Soviet Way

Stay Protected: Soviet Way

It was a well known saying in Russia "that there is no leisure intercourse in Soviet Russia", probably it is less known for the rest of the world. It meant that Soviet citizens have made this only for get some kids. But recently it has been known that there was a whole bunch of those little thingies available for some sale in Russia, though they couldn't be bought freely, just because demand was so great that if it appeared anywhere on the counters of the state-owned pharmacies (there were no any
other in Soviet Russia), then the first who entered the store has usually bought gross all them available and then lived a long happy life or made many many Soviet rubles reselling them for his friends. So it was big luck to get them and it is even more bigger luck to see them here on photos, in this, not-used state. And one more thing. Officially they were called "product no. 2", because the product no. 1 was a rubber gas-mask of the same factory...
a driver was seriously punished on the Russian roads
7 The Road Punishment

The Road Punishment

If you are going to visit Russia, you should remember one thing: breaking the road laws you are
risking to be seriously punished by other drivers, like in this case. One more picture below.
abandoned soviet trains in belarus 1
32 Abandoned Soviet Trains In Belarus

Abandoned Soviet Trains In Belarus

  We've already posted the pictures of abandoned trains of Soviet Era in Abkhazia and Northern
Siberian lands of Russia. Here are some new shots of such a place in Brest (Belarus).
weird looking russian matreshkas 1

27 Weird Looking Russian Matryoshkas

Weird Looking Russian Matryoshkas

As we already told, "matryoshka" has become one of the most famous symbols of the Russian culture through all over the world. It's a traditional Russian wooden toy. Such nesting doll can hold up to about 30 smaller dolls inside, put in each other, from the biggest one up to the smallest. They are
usually painted in accordance with Russian tradition. But recently some Russian designers and artists have started to express another views on matryoshkas. For example, this time Irina Troitskaya, a Moscow illustrator, has converted matryoshkas into some weird creatures.
a love story 1

11 The Post It Car

The Post It Car

The people say that the car owner in such a way expressed his feelings to his car because of it's good
characteristics that have helped to avoid a serious car crash. Let's take a closer look.

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