Chernobyl video
52 Chernobyl Yesterday and Today: The Video

Chernobyl Yesterday and Today: The Video

This is an amateur video of Chernobyl area today and before and during the nuclear disaster 20 years ago. We've had a few sets of contemporary Chernobyl like this and this but this is the first video. Also see the
strange wild animals at the end of the video - they look like horses but disproportionately big heads, looking like big-sized ponies, are they also the victims of radiation? See the video:
strange ball inside woods in Russia 1

86 Wood Ball

Wood Ball

This strange structure is located inside the woods in Western part of Russia. Local say it was here for years - they made a hole in it in order to
investigate if there is something valuable they can get from it but found nothing only a few holes of strange shape and "Radioactive" sign.
5 Some More Russian Off-Road

Some More Russian Off-Road

Yes there are offroad contests in many countries besides Russia, but how about Russian off-road? Have you seen it? It differs from the mudding in other Western countries greatly because there are so many places suitable for this fun that can be accessed just by
stepping out from the paved road. See it yourself. The one above engages only Russian UAZ cars. And in this one guy tries to crawl on his car with it almost under water: And that's some more heavy Russian off-road four-wheel mudding:
feminine symbol of the USSR 1

30 Feminine Symbol of the USSR

Feminine Symbol of the USSR

We've already told about Soviet contraceptive devices. Now we can say, that there was indeed something that could be called a real feminine symbol of
the USSR. Those images of a woman with a paddle in one hand were standing in many cities and towns throughout the whole Soviet Union.
ghost standing on the side of the road in Russia 1

49 Roadside Ghost

Roadside Ghost

Two Russian guys were driving their car and the one who sat on the passenger seat was filming a road just for fun. Later when he was watching this video clip on his PC at home he spotted a strange figure
standing on the roadside. They didn't see it when they were passing by but only a few days later when watched this video. Here you can see the screen shots of it and a few seconds of video itself:
how to become famous 1

21 How to Become Famous

How to Become Famous

Russian drivers can teach you how to park your car in such a way which will make you famous via the whole Internet. They even have the special web site devoted to parking. We have already posted
the best photos from it. And now see, how to gather large audience near your garage. And remember one important thing, while visiting Russia, never park your car near fences.
the march of Pushkin descendants in St. Petersburg 1

70 Pushkin Descendants March

Pushkin Descendants March

Aleksandr Pushkin is the best Russian writer and poet ever. The point is that he had some African roots in his origin and looks like it is sufficient reason for some black skinned people to regard themselves
as Pushkin descendants. The aims of such position are mostly unknown, but just imagine how inhabitants and guests of St. Petersburg were surprised seeing the march of Pushkin descendants.
some photos of floods in russia 1

14 What Russian Autumn Is Really About?

What Russian Autumn Is Really About?

Russian autumn is a time of heavy rains and, as a result, vast floods that have already
become a part of Russian traditions this year. Some new photos of floods below.
russian biology textbook 1

47 Russian Biology Textbook

Russian Biology Textbook

This is a regular Russian school biology textbook owned by some Russian school. He has modified some illustrations so now
it's hard to say sometimes what was there originally and what has appeared as a result of his imagination:
weird lunchroom in the Ukraine 1

23 Weird Lunchroom

Weird Lunchroom

This lunchroom stands near the city railway station in Tiraspol. At first sight it looks like an
ordinary cafe for hungry passengers, but only for those who haven't enter it. Bon appetit! :)

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