UAZ car with tracks instead of wheels in Russia 1

19 UAZ Tracked Edition

UAZ Tracked Edition

One Russian farmer got tired to get to his farm always in the way like on the photo above so he decided to replace the wheels with tracks on his Russian UAZ car: Now it's
for sale and he says that he can satisfy the market with his own version of UAZ, UAZ-Tracked Edition. Probably each farmer dreams of his own small tank.
photos from Military-historical museum of  armored vehicles and armament of Main auto-tank directorate of Defense ministry of Russian Federation 1

26 Museum of Armored Vehicles Near Moscow

Museum of Armored Vehicles Near Moscow

While staying in Russia don't forget to visit Military-historical museum of armored vehicles and armament of Main auto-tank directorate of Defense ministry of Russian Federation, known as "Kubinka" and located in Odintsovo district near Moscow. The official web site says that the "museum presents the unique, world's biggest
collection of armored vehicles starting from WWI first constructions to modern main battle tanks. Collection was founded in 1931 and is still growing with new battlefield findings and army write-offs, with present-day count of more than 300 vehicles". Here are some examples of the exhibits.
Macintosh finder icon on Russian barbeque set 1

30 iBBQ: Russian Macintosh Barbeque Sets

iBBQ: Russian Macintosh Barbeque Sets

Many people, who use Macintosh computers know the icon above. This icon is from the "Finder" application (similar to Windows explorer program). You can see it on the desktop of our reader. But what they do in Russia they sell barbeque sets with
a little shovel in shape of the Finder icon. Macintosh computers are not very popular in Russia, so they can't appeal for the fans of iMac iPhone and now iBarbeque stuff, but what is it then? See photos of this set:
Russian magnet lids that you can put on the fridge 1

13 Magnet Lids

Magnet Lids

One Russian designer thinks about offering to the producers of the soft drinks to put a little magnet on the inside part of the bottle's lid, so that this lid can be be sticked to the fridge or some other metal surfaces. He says "Just imagine, different soft-drink or alike producers can make different colorful lids that won't be thrown away
but would be collected by kids or even by grown-ups. They could even put the alphabet on it or some other collectibles. I would buy it!". He also say he thinks that this idea is unique to him, he tried to find some mentions about such lids in the Google but has found none. This how he sees it can be implemented:
car floats on river in Russia 1

20 The Floating Car

The Floating Car

Standing in bridge somewhere in Kazakhstan you can see such a picture - a
brand new Lada car with open doors floats across the rough waters..
Painted houses in Moscow by graffiti kids 1

21 Graffiti Renovation

Graffiti Renovation

Now Moscow municipality hires graffiti kids to get their job done - it's a cheap and easy way to
renovate houses - just build them the ladders so that they could reach the higher stores too!
0 Voodoo Drivers

Voodoo Drivers

Strange things happen in the Russian city streets: cars with occult attributes and African shamans alike drivers. It is still a question,
does it really helps to escape from multitudinous traffic jams, but now it is obvious that they also break the road rules.
day of kisses in Moscow 1

38 The Day of Kisses in Moscow

The Day of Kisses in Moscow

Quite a romantic event took place in Moscow. During that occasion hundreds of couples kissed publicly and those who were single
could easily find their second half. The symbols of the Day of Kisses have become the image of heart and the red balloon.
tank stuck in mud in Russia 1

26 The Stuck Tank

The Stuck Tank

Yesterday we had some Russian mudding, when people on purpose come out of the good roads to mud. This time those soldiers
were moving across some Russian village and even didn't come out from the good road but also got stuck and

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