car touches train in Russia 1

12 And One More Time..

And One More Time..

And if to continue today the story about the strange crashes - this guy on Lada failed to pass by the standing train and touched it with the car's left side. It was not some moving train, this railroad is
very rarely used these days - you can tell this from those green plants growing between the rails, and there was plenty of space in front of the train but he preferred not to notice it.
beer bottle in the car frontal 1

46 Russian Beer Vs. Swedish Car

Russian Beer Vs. Swedish Car

Nobody knows how did this happen, there was neither sounds of the broken glass nor of the signalling
system, but the next morning the driver has found his car with an empty beer bottle in the frontal.
car before and after the crash in Ukraine 1

29 Good Ride

Good Ride

This guys has made a photo of his newly bought Honda car and posted it to his
blog and other webpages. Just a few days later he posted some other photos:
boy and fish monument in Russia 1

10 A Boy and a Fish Monument

A Boy and a Fish Monument

Many young ladies don't risk to approach the newly opened monument in Klin city. Looking at it from a decent
distance they blush and go away. But it's not about they think at all. It's just a boy and fish:
Bears attack tourists camp in Russia 1

24 Bears Come to Camp

Bears Come to Camp

So when you go camping in Russia beware bears
please. They come usually at 3-30 AM.
more of Soviet promotional posters 1

62 Seeing Soviet Russia

Seeing Soviet Russia

We've also told about Soviet promotional posters intended for the foreign tourists and visitors. Here are more of them. The author of this collection, David Levine, says that "Russia in the period before
the mid 1930s employed some brilliant graphic design in its arts, propaganda and newspapers and magazines". Is that true? Just look at these travel brochures, booklets and luggage labels.
the coolest yard in St. Petersburg, Russia 1

15 The Coolest Yard of St. Petersburg, Russia

The Coolest Yard of St. Petersburg, Russia

People in St. Petersburg say that this is probably the coolest public yard in the city. It's not a private territory of some private house, no, it's a public place lost somewhere between multi-stored
houses of St. Petersburg, but one who walks in for the first time gets shocked by the variety of mosaic sculptures and bas-reliefs scattered across the small territory of this yard.
russian player
15 A Newborn Star

A Newborn Star

Some Russian bloggers call him "The Incarnation of Satan", some just post videos with him. This old man rumbles through the streets of Moscow singing
the songs in such a passion and strength that people stat hypnotized watching him performing those masterpieces. See the small video:
russian way of cooking crayfishes 1

29 When There is No Food

When There is No Food

When your fridge suddenly becomes empty together with your pockets, there exists one easy salvation how to make a dinner even for ten persons. First of all you should go to the nearest forest and gather crayfishes there, or whatever, we don't know where those Russians find those cancers. Their number should be enough to fill the bathroom. Here we have to notice, that the bathroom full of crabs (or what's their name?) of course looks ridiculous but is the most important aspect in cooking, because if you are too tired or drunk or whatever again, and need to have an instant break, they will still be alive and fresh, swimming in your bathroom. But don't fill it to the brim, these creatures are very sly and can easily
get out, kill you while you are sleeping and move out to the forest. So be attentive and better barricade the door in the bath-room or barricade yourself to make sure. So have a good and safely rest, then wake up, take several packings of sour cream and pour it out in the bathroom! The crabs like the sour cream and will stain in it. This makes them more delicious. Don't try to spread them with the sour cream by your own hands, it can be dangerous. After all wash them with a shower, fill the bathroom with clean water, and turn on the immersion heater. The dinner is ready. Of course, keep in mind that you will need about bucket of beer to eat all those crabs.

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