matrix in Ukraine 1

28 The Matrix: An Ukrainian Edition

The Matrix: An Ukrainian Edition

This is The Matrix. The Matrix, Ukrainian Edition. Especially pay
attention to the Agent Smith and Trinity rolling in some weird dance:
Scifi movie in modern Russia 1

35 SciFi Movie: Made in Russia

SciFi Movie: Made in Russia

Yes, they make Sci-Fi movies in Russia too. And it looks something like
on those shots. The movie is called "The Populated Island".
mess in Russian super mart 1

37 The Real Mess at Russian Super Mart

The Real Mess at Russian Super Mart

When the workers of this mart came in the morning they found the warehouse being in a big mess. As a short investigation has discovered that there was a crash in the night. A guy driving the electric loader
crashed the shelves stand and five stores of good were ruined. He was not injured by a big luck and when he ran away from the falling stuff he even lost one of his snickers inside the car.
Articles Made of Penknifes 1

16 Articles Made of Penknifes

Articles Made of Penknifes

This unusual collection is exhibited in the museum of Pavlovsk city. All these articles and sculptures are made
of various penknifes, and the author says that most of them still can be opened and used as knifes.
Soviet Road Safety Guidelines in Verses 1

24 Soviet Road Safety Guidelines in Verses

Soviet Road Safety Guidelines in Verses

He is showing off in vain: It's
the way to die in pain.
youngest Russian mother or mom 1

86 The Youngest Russian Mother

The Youngest Russian Mother

This is the youngest Russian mother. She got pregnant at the age of 11 and soon the child was born. Her boyfriend's name is Habib he is from Tajikistan, he was also very young when this happened, now he works as a construction worker. They are not married because in Russia you can't
marry at eleven. Habib visits his girlfriend and a kid on the regular basis and they think that they would marry as soon as it would be legally possible. On these photos she is already 14 and the child, the girl, is already 3 years old. There is a video too.
Moscow at the end of 80s 1

72 USSR at the End of 80s

USSR at the End of 80s

We continue to publish historical series of photos showing life of Soviet people in different decades of the USSR times. For this once here comes the pictures of Russian streets at the end of 80s. Pepsi first time in the USSR on the picture above. See also: Moscow Hotel “Russia”, Nowadays Moscow at 80-s. Moscow in the 60-s and 70-s Moscow 1967 Moscow
Decorated For Soviet Holidays, 1932 Moscow 1927 Prophetic Postcards Back From 1914 Moscow Flood at 1908 Moscow 1890 Moscow Now and Then Moscow. The Past and the Present USSR in the 70-s, part 1 USSR in the 70-s, part 2 USSR in the 70-s, part 3 USSR in the 60-s USSR in the 60-s Photos From Soviet Russia
old photos of Russian Empire 1

27 Russian Empire in the XIX Century

Russian Empire in the XIX Century

Maksim Dmitriev was born in 1858 in Tambov province. At the age of 15 he became an apprentice of the famous photographer of that time - M.P. Nastiukov, where he obtained basic knowledge about the art of photography. He became famous at the beginning of the 90-s of the XIX century after representation of the exposition called "Bad harvest in Nizhny Novgorod region", where he showed ruined
villages and sick and starving peasants. With this exposition he became the founder of the photo report genre in Russia. Rural dining house on the picture above. 1891-1892. See also: Color Post Cards of Russian Empire 100 Years Ago Russian People 100 Years Ago in Color Russia 100 Years War on Terror? Color Photos of Russian Churches 100 Years Ago and Today
Wooden Yard in Moscow city, Russia 1

16 Wooden Yard in Moscow

Wooden Yard in Moscow

Yesterday we had a public yard from St. Petersburg which was all from mosaics. This one stands in the middle of Moscow city downtown - just imagine between
hundreds of multi-stored concrete or brick buildings there is a wooden oasis in traditional Russian style. There is even a wooden sculpture of a bear.
russian police dances
20 Russian Police Dances

Russian Police Dances

As you can see from the following six short video clips Russian police is very friendly and
policemen prefer to spend every free minute they have dancing and dancing and dancing...

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