about fashion in the USSR 1

29 Some Soviet Fashion

Some Soviet Fashion

It's hard to speak about fashion in Soviet Union. The production of clothes, as any other production, was in the hands of the State. So there simply was no choice left what to buy. All stylish clothes from the Western world countries, as any other foreign goods, were forbidden. People wearing such clothes were called "stilyaga" ("dandy" with very negative connotation). Even more, such life style was pursuing by the legendary KGB department (State Security Committee). So looking too fashionable was forbidden and even
dangerous. As for women, they could not look too attractive also. It was forbidden. Otherwise they would get some problems with entry into Komsomol (Young Commuinist League) and, as a result, problems with getting job. In the USSR every person should be the member of that political organization. Of course, within these strict moral borders, there was a fashion in Soviet Union. Or it could be called "the Soviet style". Here are some art works and public posters of that time.
Russian Car in Moscow 1

24 No Need to Fix It

No Need to Fix It

It's often so that if you don't have money to fix your car
you can go on unfixed one. Like this driver in Moscow.
weird Russian tuning and car modifications 1

72 Weird Russian Tuning and Car Modifications

Weird Russian Tuning and Car Modifications

You can meet these strange cars in the streets of Russia and the former Soviet republics. Most of them were produced in the USSR, and
most likely, Soviet engineers could not even think about such fate of these vehicles. But some of them are tuned very nicely.
lada madness
24 Baku Lada Madness

Baku Lada Madness

Guys in Baku, Azerbajan just love LADAs. Probably it makes your stay in Baku, especially moving through the
public roads bit more dangerous, because as you can see even taxi drivers in Baku are up to this:
Ruined Country Estate near Moscow 1

31 Ruined Country Estate near Moscow

Ruined Country Estate near Moscow

The history of this house, situated near Moscow in Petrovskoe, starts in the far XVII century. On the picture above one can see how it looked at that time and till the Soviet revolution. The
majestic ruins of this building still exist, awaiting the day of the reconstruction. Probably some time it will become one of the most beautiful places of interests in Moscow region.
False ATM Prank 1

56 False ATM Prank

False ATM Prank

Be watchful visiting Russia, especially when you going to use ATM. You can simply lose all your cash at once. Swindlers install
this sophisticated device over the original ATM keyboard and it saves all the necessary information from your card.
soviet war games and zarnitsa 1

31 Soviet War Games

Soviet War Games

War games were quite usual and sometimes even obligatory thing in Soviet Union both for children (pioneers) and for adults. "Zarnitsa" (sheet lightning) was the most widespread and famous one, when a big
group of people was divided into two confronting teams. The aim was to capture a flag, "secret" documents or army headquarters. Here are some historical photos. It looks like a real war.
defaced POS in Russia 1

19 Defaced POS

Defaced POS

In Russia even Points of Sale are being hacked by some malicious users. Like this one, displaying a proud text "Defaced by Somebody". Though
"Deface" word is usually used when one is speaking about changing the appearance of somebody's website without the will of the site's owner.
Musical Fountain in Moscow
21 Musical Fountain in Moscow. Tsaritsino

Musical Fountain in Moscow. Tsaritsino

One of the most enchanting fountains of Moscow has opened this summer in Tsaritsino park. People from the whole city come to see unforgettable show - streams of different colors and shapes dance according great number of various musical compositions. The fountain is called in
honour of former Russian empress Ekaterina the Second. Though actually it is the king of Moscow fountains and probably it can measure his strength with the famous fountains of St. Petersburg, like "Sampson kills the lion". Anyway, it looks magnificent.
car hit three cars at once in Ukraine 1

19 Three at Once

Three at Once

It's like the pool - you hit one car and then goes
chain reaction - all the parked cars are hit.

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