strange looking Russian mushrooms 1

49 Mushroom Mutants

Mushroom Mutants

Strange looking mushrooms can be found in the numerous
forests of Russia. Is this somehow related with Chernobyl?
weird golden jewellery 1

27 Urban Jewellery

Urban Jewellery

Two Russian designers Stas Zhitsky and Sergei Kuzhavsky from the OPEN!Design&Concepts studio create quite unusual jewellery.
Would you like to wear the golden ear-rings in a shape of clothes-pegs? Or how about a tiny horse collar on your finger?
a driver fell asleep in his car 1

48 He Just Fell Asleep

He Just Fell Asleep

Japanese, as it well known, like to sleep right in the subway trains. And Russians sleep
right in their cars, especially when they drive in Latvia. But not only in Latvia. :)
graffiti kids at work in Russia 1

22 Graffiti Kids at Work

Graffiti Kids at Work

A rare chance to see those graffiti kids doing their "masterpieces". Personally I thought that this kind of
works were done with the printed paper, though here they show it's drawn with paintbrushes.
meine kleine
46 Kaput Your Mercedesen

Kaput Your Mercedesen

This is another example of contemporary Russian popular music. This song is called
"Meine Kleine" and they use Nazi uniforms, also the plot looks very strange:
the tube polls \

34 The Tube Cape

The Tube Cape

This is "The Tube Cape" and island in Russia where strange formations of stone were found. Traditional geologists think that it might be lava structures, but locals who live nearby, and many visitors who come here from different parts of Russia doubt this and call them man
made, probably belonging to some unknown people who lived here in prehistoric times. Some new-agers even suppose that this structures were used by some technologically advanced civilization that existed on the Earth at the age before the Bible flood.
a bus driver died from the overdose 1

25 The Bus of Death

The Bus of Death

It's common when policemen arrest some drug addicted people, or when those people die from the overdose, but not in this case. Kiev police (Ukraine)
discovered dead bus driver right inside his bus with the syringe in his hands. Fortunately, he has died at the bus fleet with no passengers inside.
Space Through the Eyes of Soviet Cosmonauts 1

27 Space Through the Eyes of Soviet Cosmonauts

Space Through the Eyes of Soviet Cosmonauts

What one will see below is the most realistic art about space. These pictures were made by two former Soviet cosmonauts and big friends - Leonov and Sokolov.
After finishing space flyings, they started to picture what they have seen (and even more) on a canvas. "The first satellite" on the picture above
an unattended crane crushed a few parked cars in Russia  1

14 Unattended Cars

Unattended Cars

Don't leave your crane car unattended or it can suddenly
start moving and smash all the parked cars nearby.
underground river under Moscow 1

46 More Moscow Dungeons

More Moscow Dungeons

Two Moscow inhabitants decided to explore collecting system under the building where they live. So they found the right gully grating, opened it and came down. How they were surprised, discovered the whole system of caves with the real underground river.
Now they say, that it is one of their favorite places in Moscow to have a walk at evenings, or just to have a rest near river right under the house. See also: Moscow Underground Tunnels (HDR) Moscow Sewerage Moscow Dungeons

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