barbeque in bathroom 1

24 Bathroom Barbeque

Bathroom Barbeque

When it's minus sixty seven outside Russian people make barbeque
in a bath. At least some Russian people like this ones.
pink cars spotted on the streets 1

37 Pink Mania is Coming

Pink Mania is Coming

Looks like that in Russia and the ex republics of the USSR it becomes more and more fashionable to drive pink. See the cars spotted in
the Russian and Ukrainian streets. People call such cars "the car for blondes" or "blondiemobile" because of the color.
VM-T Atlant a possible alternative to AN-225 1

32 More About Soviet Space Program. VM-T Atlant

More About Soviet Space Program. VM-T Atlant

Antonov or AN-225 was not the only Soviet cargo jet used for the Soviet Space Program. VM-T Atlant (the picture above) also coped with a task of carrying ultra-heavy and oversize freight, such as rocket boosters or the space shuttle, and it might be a real alternative for AN-225. But this project was closed because of some disadvantages. Nevertheless the shots of Atlant in action
with the hydrogenous cistern for the rocket booster look quite enchanting. Even more, some people joked that this plane was used for transportation of Pepsi Cola from the USA to Russia during the "perestroika" times. See also: Buran, The First Russian Shuttle More About Buran Antonov. The World’s Heaviest and Largest Jet Where is Buran Now?

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