an ordinary car accident in Moscow 1

33 Just an Ordinary Car Accident

Just an Ordinary Car Accident

At first sight it is just another ordinary car accident, where nobody has suffered and nothing
interesting is going on. But take a look at the last picture. The comments are up to you.
Old Soviet TV Sets 1

58 Old Soviet TV Sets

Old Soviet TV Sets

During the Soviet times these TV sets were the principal characters in
the flats of the most Soviet families. Some of them still work!
Alain Robert has conquered the federation tower in moscow  1

19 Spider-Man in Moscow

Spider-Man in Moscow

Alain Robert, the world famous urban-climber, has conquered the highest sky-scraper in Moscow (and in the whole Europe as well) - "Federation tower". The real-world spider man said, that it was
one of the most difficult trials in his life. The tower conquest took about half an hour and came to the end in the local police station, as usually it happened before... :)
chandeliers made of plastic bottles in St. Petersburg, Russia 1

13 Chandelier of Bottles

Chandelier of Bottles

These days in some parks of St. Petersburg you can
meet chandeliers made of used plastic bottles..
macro graphs of insects by Tatiana Zarubo 1

21 Fantastic Macroworld by Tatiana Zarubo

Fantastic Macroworld by Tatiana Zarubo

Tatiana Zarubo is a Russian photographer who makes macro graphs of insects. Her best and the most famous photo is called "dragonfly in a veil".
Looking on it, it's hard to believe that this picture was not processed with any special effects. See the the other pictures below.
zaporozhets car with big wheels 1

18 Zaparozhets Super Car

Zaparozhets Super Car

So it seems it is a tradition to get a monster car each day. This one would suit you
best if you plan to transport some old bricks somewhere in Russian winter.
Russian bike 1

38 Russian Ghost Rider’s Bike

Russian Ghost Rider’s Bike

If the Ghost Rider was from Russia he for sure
would take this one for his rides...
Russian children playground 1

20 Going Further to the Russian Playgrounds

Going Further to the Russian Playgrounds

Going a step further in the world of Russia Kid's
Playgrounds... This one is in the Moscow downtown.
a car rode into a bird 1

24 Rode into a Bird

Rode into a Bird

This driver was probably too attracted with the site of an exotic brown
bird and forgot to turn away from it. One more picture below.

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