russian monument for bikers in Ukraine 1

33 The “Dead Biker” Monument

The “Dead Biker” Monument

They have opened a monument in Ukraine devoted to all the bikers died in crashes all over the world since the motorbike was invented.
It could be a shrine for the bikers from different countries to come and put some flowers for passed away brothers.
how to remove an unwanted bridge 1

22 Don’t Drink and Sail

Don’t Drink and Sail

We all know about "Don't drink and drive" rule, but some boat drivers seem to ignore it, because they suppose that rivers are not roads. Now one can see probably the
easiest way to remove unwanted bridge - ask this captain from Latvia if you'll need such an act to be done. He simply felt asleep. photos by WWW.E-LIEPAJA.NET
abouth the truck that lost the part of it\'s load on the road 1

61 One More Time it’s Party Time

One More Time it’s Party Time

Another time some truck has lost the part of it's tasty load during the car wreck, and another time
the passers-by quickly helped to "utilize" the lost goods. See also: It’s Party Time
Russian 3D ceilings 1

147 Russian 3D ceilings

Russian 3D ceilings

In Russia suspended ceiling is not only a stylish element of the flat interior, it can simply save your dwelling from flood made by the careless neighbors living above. Like in this case the
practice shows that it is able to gather and hold all the water. Now the question is how to pour it off safely. But just imagine you wake up one morning and your ceilings look like this!
Moscow. The Past and the Present.
44 Moscow. The Past and the Present.

Moscow. The Past and the Present.

One Moscow photographer invented a time-machine, taking old photos of the city and comparing them with the new.
The result is amazing. One can see how city is changing, sometimes during almost the whole XX century.
the shots of Russian road 1
61 Travel Ural 2007

Travel Ural 2007

  These shots were made this summer, on the route of the regional significance that passes between the cities Syktyvkar, Ukhta and Pechora. It's hard to say much about the condition of the rest of the road, but this especial part the passing by drivers call "the lacet". And looking at these pictures it is getting
clear, that there is nothing strange in such a name, taking into account, that it isn't off-road driving. Of course there are a lot of paved roads too in Russia, and some are being severely reconstructed in order to improve the road system, but it's a great pity that such roads still exist.
Sphinx in St. Petersburg 1

9 Sphinx Petersburg

Sphinx Petersburg

Not many foreigners know that the most Northern location of Egyptian sphinxes is in St. Petersburg. Russian government have bought a few sphinxes from Egypt in 1820 and brought them to decorate
shore banks of Neva river in St. Petersburg. This is probably the only place in the world where you can see each year Egyptian, 3500 thousand old sphinxes covered with snow.
Oleg Gazmanov, Russian singer
9 Russian Singer Goes Unlucky

Russian Singer Goes Unlucky

It seems that the foreign media already noticed a bad luck of
Oleg Gazmanov, the Russian singer. See the video below:
guy making business in Russia 1

13 A Way to Make Business in Moscow for Anyone

A Way to Make Business in Moscow for Anyone

This presumably homeless guy has found a good business opportunity right in the center of Moscow city downtown. For some reason there was a high voltage cable right on the road surface, so most of
the cars stopped and didn't want to get a shortage from it so he approached every car and offered for some fee his service. Look down to get the idea of his service explained:
Old Lady\'s Revenge 1

14 Old Lady’s Revenge

Old Lady’s Revenge

Some old lady was tired of teenagers and alcoholics, drinking beer and littering in
the courtyard near the house she lives and solved this problem in her own way.

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