17 The Paper Glass

The Paper Glass

Posted on September 27, 2007 by

paper glass photoshopped 1

So for all the photoshop lovers here comes the drinking lady Russian bloggers photoshoped edition:

paper glass photoshopped 2

paper glass photoshopped 3

paper glass photoshopped 4

paper glass photoshopped 5

paper glass photoshopped 6

paper glass photoshopped 7

paper glass photoshopped 8

paper glass photoshopped 9

paper glass photoshopped 10

paper glass photoshopped 11

paper glass photoshopped 12

paper glass photoshopped 13

paper glass photoshopped 14

paper glass photoshopped 15

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17 Responses to “The Paper Glass”

  1. BORAT SAGDIEV says:


  2. Jewish Prostitute Sarah Zaluppa says:

    That’s brilliant!

  3. Texas1 says:

    I did not write this and I AM NOT GAY.

    I will have no part of this gross behavior.

    I am a Christian, NOT A HOMOSEXUAL.

    Go Find A Butt Buddy Elsewhere!!!!!!

    • William says:

      God is love, and sent Jesus to bring salvation for all who accept him. No-one is excluded if they accept Jesus – not gays, not the Pope, not even Texans.

      [Jesus' words according to John's gospel]

      John 13:34 A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; even as I have loved you, that you also love one another.

      John 13:35 By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.”

      Not that I’ve got any time for organised religion, but that’s what the official line is.

  4. Texas1 says:

    No, I am the real Texas1! I am the alpha and omega Texas1. I was here before you and will be here long after you.

  5. D says:

    I want to be the guy who is standing up showing the chart off.

    P.S. Being first is gay.

  6. D says:

    You forgot about me.

  7. brbrbr says:

    i like “kitty edition” ;)

  8. Foxy Queen says:

    very interesting pics. i can’t stopping to browse this site.

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