102 First SUV Ever

First SUV Ever

Posted on September 27, 2007 by

first Russian SUV 1

Nowadays SUV’s are very popular all over the world, all major car makes started production of their own all-road luxury cars. The concept behind the SUV is to get comfort of the luxury car but have four wheel drive on big rims so that you can go off the road with the same feeling.

But it seems that in Soviet Russia they had already this ideal car – you can see here a luxury Soviet “Pobeda” (“Victory”) car on the high wheels, and people say it is not a self-made thing but was in production in limited edition at the car factory, so it can be probably not only the first Russian SUV but first SUV ever.

first Russian SUV 2

first Russian SUV 3

first Russian SUV 4

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102 responses to “First SUV Ever”

  1. Oleg says:

    Totally Photoshop. SUB Pobeda? Nigga please.

  2. Big Putin Head says:


  3. Bernie says:

    Looks great, in what years was it built?

  4. talking beaver says:

    Some say Pobeda (named so after the victory in WWII) was a Soviet clone of German pre-war Opel Kapitän.

    Just like Moskwitch 400 was actually Opel Olympia produced in USSR using plans and equipment plundered in Germany after war. http://www.moskvich-401.ru/history.htm

    P.S. FYI: The pictures in this article here feature HEAVILY MODIFIED Pobeda.

  5. Borat says:

    It’s very niiiiiice.

  6. John from Kansas says:

    Modified or not, this is a very distinctive vehicle. Thanks for the post.

  7. illlich says:

    Reminds me of a VW “baja” bug. I’d buy one of those, they should start making them again, sell them in the US, looks like off-road version of Plymouth PT Cruiser.

  8. Knee Grow says:

    Only a real “knee grow” like me can drive that car

  9. the guy with stone knuckles says:

    We don’t care either.

  10. Boris Abramov says:

    Listen, if you like my name so much – why don’t you use “Boris Abramov2”? You have my name, I have my name, everyone is happy 🙂 So, how about is?

  11. Pacific NW says:

    Something like this would have sold like hotcakes in the U.S. during the 50’s and 60’s.

  12. Looks like an old 1938 Volvo Sugga! So which one came first?


    • Lada 2104 in Sweden says:

      There was an earlier 4×4 GAZ based on Ford A but heavily modified produced as military staff car during WW2 until it was followed by the Pobeda….
      There has been small numbers of “swampcars” too with very large balloon-tires all the time since middle of WW2, I think the first civilian one was Lada/Niva 1922 “Marsha”…

      And the Volvo – came after WW2 with 4×4 to carry the heavy radio without filling it with snow…. 🙂

  13. Rastaputin says:

    Fantastic car: thak you.

  14. Art says:

    Those tires look very much like Irok Radial tires. Even the side lugs are the same. (These are the same tires I have on my truck so I am reasonably familiar with them.)

    So while I think this looks pretty cool and all, I am highly dubious since those look very much like American tires.


    • blingo says:

      Have a look at some BRDM-2 or BTR-60 / 70 / 80 (the portal-axled 8x8s) -pics! These are bullet-proof soviet military-tires.

  15. Mannesson says:

    Volvo has also bulit a “suv” starting 1944

  16. John from Kansas says:

    Are you sure?

  17. Havoc says:

    I have seen this car with my eyes.
    It’s from Yalta.
    It’s hibryd of GAZ M-20 “Pobeda” and GAZ-66 army track.

  18. ned says:

    where do the horses go?… I imagine they hitched them to the front in the USSR?

  19. ron says:

    that does look like a volvo sugga,and its basically the sameidea,sugga was a 4dr 50s volvo on a short wheelbase volvo army truck frame, thats neat,you dont see a lot of these types of things in the us because something like that isnt a very good daily driver

  20. balazst says:

    Did the 1933 Suburban has AWD, or was it built for light off-road? I don’t think so. The first SUV was the Mitsubishi PX33. 🙂

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  22. Александр says:

    Я когда был в крыму, видел эту машину. Она проезжала мимо.

  23. […] But it seems that in Soviet Russia they had already this ideal car – you can see here a luxury Soviet “Pobeda” (”Victory”) car on the high wheels, and people say it is not a self-made thing but was in production in limited edition at the car factory, so it can be probably not only the first Russian SUV but first SUV ever. […]

  24. zane says:


  25. Having your car experiencing total power without limitation is something that in old day Russia people would have loved to do.

  26. I just can not believe the first SUV was invented in Russia. I might consider buying one just for the hack of it.

  27. The Prizm is just a rebadged Corolla. But yeah, the rest of the car should be painted orange to justify those wheels.

  28. Xpltivdletd says:

    I like it a lot. Have to get back to you after I check out the links in this discussion. We have a few places in the U.S.A. where these could have found a market. If all the Gearheads in the world could get together, is there anything we couldn’t fix? Best regards.

  29. guest says:

    the car on this pic is convert and it was never manufactured in that form.

  30. I wonder why they do not manufacture these types of cars anymore. I bet there would be a significant demand for them nowadays.

  31. I also wanted to buy one in Russia, but they are very difficult to find. Very few people actually own these anymore.

  32. It is amazing how many good things you can do in photoshop. I wonder if those pictures are real or just enhancements?

  33. Konyvelo says:

    I bet the pictures are real and not enhancements. I have seen these cars in Russia. You can still buy those. You just have to know your way around.

  34. John says:

    Wrong. The first sport utility vehicle was the horse. If you want to talk mechanical then it was the Ford model T. There were no real roads in America yet. New Jersey is still just a dusty road between New York and Philly.

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  39. Amazing cars! It brings back memries of old days Russia. Thank you for sharing.

  40. Wonderful site! I wish I could go back to Russia as I used to loive there for many years. I may return to buy a car like the one above.

  41. CARLOS bOFFA says:

    yeah, dudes, this is an pretty ride, for our days, heavy traffic, if U can

  42. CARLOS bOFFA says:

    yeah, dudes, this is an pretty ride, for our days, heavy traffic, if U can’t stop at the red light , no problem!!!

  43. My szőnyegtisztítás webpage proves that in Eastern Europe businesses boom just like selling old cars. Wonderful pictures of SUVs. Thank you for sharing.

  44. Vízóracsere can help you fix your problems at home or in your car. I thought that Russia had not produced any SUVs like that. I am quite surprised. Great posts!

  45. It is increadible to see that old cars are coming back to fashion again. This type of retro behaviour is the new trend. It is great though.

  46. Nice writings form everyone. keep up the good work please.

  47. Fogyás says:

    I like the Russian ideas!

  48. Smart work !
    I would need an one like this!

  49. Inmuebles says:

    I really like the picture with the rich guy’s boat. If i had that kind of money, I would try to have a boat like that.

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  51. What a great community of bloggers!

  52. Kutya says:

    Go-go Russians….;)

  53. I like the SUVs…sorry Greenpeace…;)

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  55. Pexe says:

    It looks cool, but anyway the first SUV was the jeep station wagon that started production in 1946.

  56. jemal says:

    it is very nice if wi get it in africa

  57. Arturas says:

    And still looks better than the X6 😉

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  59. Naptárak says:

    I am highly dubious since those look very much like American tires.

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  61. Kirov says:

    Странно, искал совсем не это, но именно эта информация показалась мне наиболее актуальной.
    Давно Ваш сайт ведёте?

  62. DeAtHdEmOnDaViD says:

    another really cool suv is the lada niva

  63. pronostics says:

    Great SUV ! Better than new ones !

  64. pronostics says:

    Great SUV ! Better than new one !

  65. Wow ! Very nice SUV ! Seems to be very usefull to drive on mountain roads !

  66. krakers says:

    “Pobeda” means “postwar”, not “victory”

  67. It is really amazing to see the world’s first SUV pictures, as SUV are getting popular day by day. I was amazed about the fact that the first ever SUV was produced in Russia that’s amazing. Thanks for the great post….

  68. Y.W. Phang says:

    If this the 1st SUV, this is the most beautiful SUV ever made!

  69. Takarito says:

    Coarse images. Very good:).

  70. Takaritas says:

    WOW. Beautiful photos. The first SUV so it looks good. In winter, it certainly is not an obstacle.

  71. Led lampa says:

    Yes. It’s really a miracle. I also have to do such a thing is a:).

  72. sunil says:

    I would like to puchase a the world,s first suv made in russia, and where from I can buy it? pls. advice. My cell no. +919818849691

  73. Great. Thank you for your phone number. Does the price for a nice SUV tend to go up?

  74. Fogászat says:

    Hi! I think the prices tend to go down as overall demand is decreasing. Try to check the prices out on several websites.

  75. dragneel says:

    Something like this would, oh yeh.
    As an association car in Russia.

  76. AET CHIPTUNING says:

    Looking good 🙂 Now i want to go OFF Road 🙂

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