34 The Tube Cape

The Tube Cape

Posted on September 26, 2007 by

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This is “The Tube Cape” and island in Russia where strange formations of stone were found. Traditional geologists think that it might be lava structures, but locals who live nearby, and many visitors who come here from different parts of Russia doubt this and call them man made, probably belonging to some unknown people who lived here in prehistoric times. Some new-agers even suppose that this structures were used by some technologically advanced civilization that existed on the Earth at the age before the Bible flood.

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34 responses to “The Tube Cape”

  1. Borat says:

    You said “tube”. That was cool.



  2. Boris Abramov says:

    Absolutely magnificent! Does anyone know where this island is?

    • Gait (Holland) says:

      Simular rock-formation can be found in Czech-rep.
      It is located near the road between Decin and Liberec.
      The name of the rock-formation there is “the stone organ”

  3. Dmitri says:

    congratulations, you have found superman’s summer retreat 😛

  4. chaosgone says:

    Maybe an ancient civilization made mountains out of building blocks. 🙂

  5. oleg says:

    this is certainly not man-made – very likely to be of vulcanic origin. there is a similar landscape in ireland: giants causeway.
    as you don’t mention it in the text: where is that island in russia?

  6. Rui Brito says:

    It’s called “columnar jointing”, a well-know and documented geologic phenomenon. Plenty of that all over the planet.

    Beautiful example this one.

  7. Richard S. says:

    Having some knowledge in geology, the strange rock formations are definitely basalt columns which resulted from cooling lava. Same formations can be found in the Giant’s Causeway in N. Ireland and the Devil’s Tower in Wyoming.

    These photos are excellent examples. Are these photos near Lake Baikal?

  8. Richard S. says:

    This region should be a protected area in form of a National Park.

  9. MrNagger says:

    these aren’t unique to that one place.. which as far as i can tell is more correctly known as the Columnar Cape


    and its long been known what creates these, the local yokals need to buck up and get on the science train.

  10. Again another badly photoshopped contribution

  11. dcheever says:

    The photos are from the island of Kunashir in the Kuril Island chain. It is protected as part of the Kurilsky Zapovednik or Kurils Nature Preserve.



  12. Pros says:

    That are not rocks.
    It’s prefab concrete!

  13. KauLad says:

    This is a striking example of columnar basalt formed from an intrusive mass of molten lava. The intrusion did not reach the surface and cools slowly, resulting in basically crystalline lava.

    Thank you for the photos.

  14. Carol Lynn says:

    These are not manmade. These are actual rock formations that have begun to erode. Check out the Devil’s Tower in Wyoming, USA. http://volcano.und.edu/vwdocs/volc_images/north_america/devils_tower.html

  15. Dungeonbrownies says:

    Its just like Columnar and giants causeway. alot of those can be found, it is simply difficult to find them above ground, only where faults or land juttings have put thm to air. Great for brick if you can get it cut, haha, or simply collect it from the ground there. But its very natural. nothing mysterious at all, but still very pretty.

  16. free brick says:

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  17. Al says:

    Kaulad is correct, we have the same thing in America, eastern Washington state. Ours are much bigger though, I wonder why?

  18. Randy Northern California says:

    We have the same volcanic geologic formation here in California. We’ve even made a National Monument out of it called the “Devils Postpile”

    For more information, see:

    “The Postpile’s columns average 2 feet in diameter, the largest being 3.5 feet, and many are up to 60 feet long. Together they look like tall posts stacked in a pile, hence the feature’s name. In a perfect world, all columnar joints would create hexagon-shaped columns; nature, however isn’t perfect. A survey of 400 of the Postpile’s columns found that 44.5% were 6-sided, 37.5% 5-sided, 9.5% 4-sided, 8.0% 7-sided, and 0.5% 3-sided.[1] Compared with other examples of columnar jointing, the Postpile has more 6-sided columns. Another thing that places the Postpile in a special category is the lack of horizontal jointing.”

  19. John from Kansas says:

    Fascinating photos. Thanks.

  20. Brian says:

    That is an awesome place! Great pictures.

  21. Richard S. says:

    Russia has many geographical secrets and this is one of them…

  22. Smurfie says:

    We have a few of these here in Australia too 🙂 Not quite as impressive as this!

  23. Polomic says:

    AI – Bigger = cooled slower…

  24. Zhent says:

    Wow a series of tubes, its the internet in rock form

  25. Gipsylada&6plusdriver says:

    Isn’t there any in Easter Europe ?
    Near to Budapest?
    I could make some money out of it…

  26. Elrich says:

    very cool. aye I’ve been to devil’s tower on wyoming / south Dakota border, as seen in the movie “close encounters of the third kind”. this has a similar look.

  27. Elrich says:

    maybe this is the ocean cottage of “hozyayka mednoy gori”

  28. TNH says:

    No question about it: those are basalt columns, and one of the most impressive examples I’ve ever seen. They form when you get an upwelling of basaltic lava underground that doesn’t break the surface. Since the molten rock is insulated and has a long slow time to cool, it crystallizes into these long multi-sided columns. When the ground above the formation wears away, the columns are revealed.

  29. vanapeer says:

    Island Kunašir, South Kurilis islands. Have been there.

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