56 False ATM Prank

False ATM Prank

Posted on September 24, 2007 by

False ATM Prank 1

Be watchful visiting Russia, especially when you going to use ATM. You can simply lose all your cash at once.

Swindlers install this sophisticated device over the original ATM keyboard and it saves all the necessary information from your card.

False ATM Prank 2

False ATM Prank 3

False ATM Prank 4

submitted by Uri

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56 Responses to “False ATM Prank”

  1. aleksi says:

    First and this is fake :P

  2. Boris Abramov says:

    Why you think its fake? This method is also very popular in UK and in fact throughout Europe. However, I would think russian gangs might have something to do with that as well :)

  3. zetxek says:

    The name of the bank in the card, Banco Real, can be translated as Real Bank…

  4. Tito says:

    Hey … that ATM card is from a brazilian bank … what the hell is it doing in Russia in the hands of these people?

    • Oles says:

      It’s not Brasilian, it’s Dutch. The original name is ABN AMRO Bank.

      • Eduardo says:

        Banco Real is brazillian, it was bought by ABN Amro that is dutch…

      • marcusbacus says:

        Yes AMRO is Dutch, but Banco Real is a Brazilian institution (bought by AMRO) and I don’t think they have offices elsewhere neither if a “general” Banco Real card would work in any AMRO. What it’s doing in Russia is still a mistery.

        Although the real “brand” of the card is VISA, they just have the bank’s name in there more as an advertising for the banks than anything, except when you can use the card with the associated bank account, some banks do that as well.

        • mossy says:

          That card is definitely fake… sure Banco Real is Brazilian and owned by the Dutch ABN Amro, but it’s not how a real ABN Amro VISA card would look like. I know because I have one.

  5. Igor Ignatenkov says:

    Sorry pros I couldnt meet for our gay sex marathon last night, Ill let you suck me tonight.
    This is SO real no phoptoshoped

  6. Richard S. says:

    This kind of theft has happened here (Canada) too.

  7. Inetgate says:

    I don’t know where that is done. But it is written in Cyrillic alphabet.

  8. Pacific NW says:

    It’s not difficult to read information off a magnetic strip or to write information to one.

    • Adam from Canada says:

      In Canada we now have special devices that make mounting card readers nearly impossible. The machines accept the card at a very slow speed to prevent any other devices from reading the strip.

      Other then that ATM fraud is still happens here, often through online banking or point of sale terminals at places like petrol stations.

  9. Java says:

    Erm… why do the numbers go 1,2,6?!?!

    • Joseff says:

      It doesn’t matter in which order the numbers on the buttons are, it’s about which buttons got pressed and thát information will be used.

  10. Texas1 says:

    Ok, it’s time you select a name of your own.

  11. Francesco says:

    It’s a common scam also in Italy, usually made by romanians: they’re expert in this “business”!
    Sometimes they are able to install some big fake bankomats to cheat the people! It’s like a movie’s gag, but I swear it’s real!

  12. Dan says:

    so what…. is “Fake!” and “Photoshop!” the only words you can say?

    and do you even know what those words mean?!?!

  13. step says:

    It’s not a fake. I’ve got my card cancelled after i used cash-machine with this device. No money was stolen though :). Guess they was aiming for bigger fish.

  14. kostya says:

    If man is foolish enough to use ATM in Russia, he deserves to lose his money.

  15. Fred says:

    Copying card information via ATM add-ons for fraud is common world-wide. I know of no reason to think that it’s mostly Romanians doing it.

    Brazilian card indicates it’s real. If someone wanted to make a fake-up of something like that, they’d use a Russian card to go along with all that Cyrillic writing. It’s real, for some value of `real’.

    But what we see is a modification of the keyboard, one assumes to capture the PIN. Where’s the piggy-back mag strip reader?

    As for mixing up the 2 and 6 – well, that might be an attempt by the `pranksters’ to avoid trouble if they’re traced. Maybe they’d claim that no-one could use this device in an illegal fashion because it’s so obviously wrong? Stranger thoughts have passed through heads.

  16. Igor says:

    this is also a very common scam in canada… mainly, of course, done by eastern-european scum

  17. Ugly American says:

    These have been around in the US for years.

    They also have little taps that can be put inside the machines and record the data by induction from the signal wires.

    They’ve even had guys who built entire fake ATM machines stocked with real $20 bills and placed them in high end mall food courts to collect rich people’s bank info for $20 a pop.

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  19. Hanse says:

    This is real !!!

    We have a lot of fake ATMs in Norway also !

  20. gina says:

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  21. constantin says:

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  25. jiji becali says:

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  30. jmndos says:

    Banco Real is AMRO, same as Lasalle Bank…

  31. NOx says:

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  32. Marco says:

    The CARD is definattely REAL. I have mine in hands and just compared..
    ABN AMRO is DUTCH, bought REAL BANK (Banco Real) and last year Spanish Santander bought the Abn Amro Real Bank, in Brazil.

    Russian are well know for hacking Brazilian systems… I wouldn’t be surprised if this very card was shipped from Brazil to “mother-russia” by some croc…

  33. ROMAN says:

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  34. Marina says:

    Romanians you should be ashamed of yourselves. You gypsys..you say you are discriminated but how can anyone except anything better from you when you always act like thieves? You make life hell for your sisters and brothers that actually want to lead a life without crime.

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  40. toni says:

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