19 Defaced POS

Defaced POS

Posted on September 23, 2007 by

defaced POS in Russia 1

In Russia even Points of Sale are being hacked by some malicious users. Like this one, displaying a proud text “Defaced by Somebody”. Though “Deface” word is usually used when one is speaking about changing the appearance of somebody’s website without the will of the site’s owner.

defaced POS in Russia 2

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19 Responses to “Defaced POS”

  1. zenmetsu says:

    фторой, НАХ!

  2. Jim Giminey says:

    :o) lol

  3. I realey wish that hacker can hack the french canadian thief Gatatan Dupont forumsimage2001 or destroy all data from that or her frends forums when they dont respect others(my)copyright.

    Yes it is funny but not fore that there get the hacker atack me an my frends have latest year lot of hacker atack there destoy the mailserver forums etc it was not funny to day i have close the all, tree month white hacker atack was enuch.

    • onitake says:

      it’s sad what ethanol and thc can do to people’s minds…

      anyway, most admins (me too) are in constant fear of hack attacks defacements. fortunately there are still a lot of hackers who do defacements for fun and don’t destroy anything. you might even get free help in securing your server. it’s rare though.

  4. Shizo says:

    What is Pint of Sale? It looks like the machine stands inside a subway station. What the hell is it?

  5. yes says:

    hoax, photoshop

  6. PiusThicknesse says:

    A Point of Sale is a machine where you buy things. It looks like this one is a ticket-selling machine of some kind.

  7. destinationPol says:

    Absolutely useless or is it?

  8. Washington says:

    Is it ture that russia has the best hackers and in general minds in the world?

    • Texas1 says:

      That’s the most ABSURD question ever. Of course not! Russia, just has the largest number of crooks and thieves.

    • Boris Abramov says:

      Yes russian hacker are certainly known to be the best. Regarding the “minds” – there is absolutely no doubts! However, its a great tragedy for russian that these great minds are not being treasured by the Russian government. No wonder most of them seem to end up in America.

  9. AdolphPutin says:

    Why has this site absolutely sucked ass since last Thursday?

  10. Texas1 says:

    You know what they say..Merry Toasters toast toast.

  11. Pius Thicknesse says:

    You forgot to say it was a photoshop.

  12. I understand that but where does it take us?
    Laughing stock: cattle with a sense of humor. :)

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