24 Soviet Road Safety Guidelines in Verses

Soviet Road Safety Guidelines in Verses

Posted on September 20, 2007 by

Soviet Road Safety Guidelines in Verses 1

He is showing off in vain:
It’s the way to die in pain.

Soviet Road Safety Guidelines in Verses 2

Don’t use vodka as a fuel
Or you’ll crash your engine cruel.

Soviet Road Safety Guidelines in Verses 3

All careless people
Soon will be cripples.

Soviet Road Safety Guidelines in Verses 4

Driver, slow down.
Let the people walk around.

Soviet Road Safety Guidelines in Verses 5

Always keep the safely distance.
Or drive into the truck, for instance

Soviet Road Safety Guidelines in Verses 6

If there isn’t traffic jam
Let the people leave the tram.

Soviet Road Safety Guidelines in Verses 7

Obey rules right away
While you’re driving on the way.

Soviet Road Safety Guidelines in Verses 8

Rushing on the road, guy,
You can make some people die.

Soviet Road Safety Guidelines in Verses 9

Car insurance!
For those who need assurance.

Soviet Road Safety Guidelines in Verses 10

Push your brakes, don’t go fast
While the kids have not passed


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24 Responses to “Soviet Road Safety Guidelines in Verses”

  1. SoNaive says:

    hooray! first!

    • valupak says:

      Nice job on making them rhyme. I enjoyed it like a quiz, trying to figure out what the real literal translation was. (an eternal Russian language student am I, never to be a fluent speaker )

      Thanks, sputni, for providing the “answers” to my guesses.

  2. FlyingNationalist says:

    These are clearly fakes. Photoshopped by bears.

  3. Pros says:

    Photoshop by IGOR the B…..

  4. Boris Abramov says:

    If only more moscovites had seen all these lovely reminders, driving in Moscow might actually loose the suicide status.

  5. D says:

    Did you do the translation?

  6. Bert says:

    Care to do a more faithful translation? I would like to know what the original says, I don’t care about the rhyme either.

  7. Mark says:

    Thank you for sharing these pictures.
    What is the text in small type at he bottom? What year were these published? Where did they appear? Do you have a verbatim, literal translation of the sayings?
    Thanks again, Mark.

  8. russ=undermensch says:

    The people who made these pamphlets actually believe that the average male drunken russian can read

  9. Pius Thicknesse says:

    Car insurance? I thought the Soviet Government owned all the cars, or at least paid for everything if there was an accident.

  10. sputnishka says:

    Here you go, direct translation:

    In vain he traces the pattern on the streets
    This “art” is dangerous to life

    There is an adequate amount of fuel
    In the way for an accident

    Don’t forget to check your car
    When you set off on your way

    Contain your eagerness at the crosswalk
    And give the road for people to pass

    Strictly observe distances
    And the road will be happy
    (Distance of safety)

    Stop your car here
    Let people leave and enter.

    Any street sign for you:
    (In) the guidebook and order

    Drivers who break rules,
    Don’t you harm yourself and others?

    Be friendly with Gosstrakhom
    It’s necessary for drivers

    Brake and take your time
    When kids are walking

    Drive your car forward cautiously
    When there’s solid ice on the road

  11. preved says:

    come on, man! it is not possible to make accurate translation of verses. you either get accurate translation OR verses.

  12. renton says:

    I disagree. No possibility to translate slavian languages into latin/german/…… once keeping rhythm and so. BUT you can always put 2 translations artistic+normal. the best way is to learn russian and compare on your own

  13. Domo says:

    Written in small type at the bottom:

    Private cars, typical incidents [rhymed also!]
    Selection …[unreadable]
    Publisher “Artists of RSFSR” [RSFSR was the Russian Republic within USSR]

  14. Pacific NW says:

    I agree, trying to make words that rhyme in one language, rhyme in another just muddles the original message.

  15. Chicken says:

    Aww this animation is quite cute !

  16. Reider says:

    AutoVaz ruleZz!! Found vaz2101, vaz21011, vaz2106… Cute

  17. Cigarettes says:

    very amazing pics lol lol

  18. Eve Reid says:

    Car Safety is always on the top of my head that is my i always use modern gadgets that could enhance the safety of my brand new car..–

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