10 A Boy and a Fish Monument

A Boy and a Fish Monument

Posted on September 19, 2007 by

boy and fish monument in Russia 1

Many young ladies don’t risk to approach the newly opened monument in Klin city. Looking at it from a decent distance they blush and go away. But it’s not about they think at all. It’s just a boy and fish:

boy and fish monument in Russia 2

via klin.ru

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10 Responses to “A Boy and a Fish Monument”

  1. D says:

    This is hot!!

  2. Jewish Prostitute Sarah Zaluppa says:

    He is cumming!

  3. illlich says:

    is that a sturgeon in your hands, or are you just happy to see me?

  4. Pacific NW says:

    Maybie the girls will come on graduation day?

  5. lynne says:

    Because nice girls dont like having fish fragrance fingers…??
    Sorry,I thought that was a joke.

  6. Gerry says:

    The original artist wished for it to be seen from the original perpective. Says a lot about Russki art, eh? G

  7. Amanda says:

    who even though of that design?

    honestly people

  8. That is frickin’ hilarious dude. I wouldn’t want to take my mother to Klin!

  9. Gregory says:

    it’s replica of rather famous fountain original is here:

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