24 Bears Come to Camp

Bears Come to Camp

Posted on September 18, 2007 by

Bears attack tourists camp in Russia 1

So when you go camping in Russia beware bears please. They come usually at 3-30 AM.

Bears attack tourists camp in Russia 2

And on the way back they can stop you and demand some fee to pass:

bears stop cars in Russia

A few pieces of some junk food can do it:

bears demand food in Russia

(this second part was already here, year ago)

first part via kostyryam

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24 Responses to “Bears Come to Camp”

  1. Dungeonbrownies says:

    knowing russians, im surprised they havent shot the bears yet. that or they dont have any pieces withthem big enouhg for the job.

  2. kush says:

    please stop writing for tourists

  3. J says:

    then it should be рашенраша.ра since they dont speak English

  4. FlyingNationalist says:


  5. Richard S. says:

    A fed bear is a dead bear! Bears that rely on handouts and from tourists eventually have to be put down.

  6. Borat says:


  7. Igor Ignatenkov says:

    I have my personal bear that rides with me in my nuclear waste truck all across Russia. He is my good friend and we is very close,

  8. Texas1 says:

    I can believe that Russians would need a saying to remember not to not have sex with the bears.

  9. Ivan Bezdomny says:

    Prevyed, medved!

    Prevyed, krasovchegi!

  10. Pavel says:

    We have bears all the time in California. It’s called a BEAR LOCKER

  11. Pros says:


  12. joe says:

    that could ruin your campping trip

  13. Carrie says:

    May I borrow this pic for a school project? It will only be seen by five other people (two teachers and three students).

  14. tim Hanks says:

    Man, I am scared, I never will go camping this way.

  15. David Levy says:

    Ah return of secret mafia bears! We told you to pay up! Now were gonna eat your tent !

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