21 How to Become Famous

How to Become Famous

Posted on September 13, 2007 by

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Russian drivers can teach you how to park your car in such a way which will make you famous via the whole Internet. They even have the special web site devoted to parking. We have already posted the best photos from it.

And now see, how to gather large audience near your garage. And remember one important thing, while visiting Russia, never park your car near fences.

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21 Responses to “How to Become Famous”

  1. myself says:

    indeed photoshop

  2. Maartenski Bretveldski says:

    Ace parking XD

  3. Maartenski Bretveldski says:

    BEER , and ace parking btw :P

  4. soviet says:

    They still use those metal boxes as theft protection? What has it been now 60 years?

  5. Texas1 says:

    This is obviously a Texas1 impostor. You are not funny.

  6. Dixieland says:

    Nothing to see here… move along.

  7. Brazil says:

    why the first comment ive made disappeared?

  8. Igor Ignatenkov says:

    I can relate to this driver. I no longer have a car hole because mine been crashed to many times.

  9. pengyunjian says:

    Hi,I come this wet by accident .My english is not good .I’m still in high school in china . I think this pictures are interesting .Please help me to learn more abourt how to use this web.(this is the first time i come in a web that isnn’t chinese )thanks

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