44 Parody Car Photoset

Parody Car Photoset

Posted on September 12, 2007 by

a parody on some professional photoset 1

A group of Russian men made a parody on some fashionable photo set from one Russian glossy magazine.

a parody on some professional photoset 2

a parody on some professional photoset 3


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44 Responses to “Parody Car Photoset”

  1. We are all Devo says:

    Being first doesn’t matter.

    There is no cat.

  2. Which pictures are the parodies?

  3. AMCer says:

    What type of car is that squarish one in the 4th picture??? (I WANT ONE!)

    • Russ, Ian says:

      That’s called “Invalidka”. Great car!!!
      It was built for invalids back in the soviet days. Some people call it “The Capsule of Death”.

  4. Pros says:

    mate with me to populate my village, as i need a hockey teem of my own !

  5. Texas1 says:

    Why are there no posts about the national Russian stay home from work holiday to make babies?

    • Jay says:

      HAHA I was thinking that too. When I heard it on the news I thought, “ah, that will be in English Russia” but I was mistaken.

      • Texas1 says:

        Exactly, I was hoping to read the commentary. Instead, the moderator just keeps posting unrelated stories about cars. Man, the moderator’s woman must be truly ugly.

      • Arcan3 says:

        maybe the owner of englishrussia is out there making babies and cant post about it rite now :P

  6. Kasia says:

    Socks and sandals! Awesome!

  7. Mugremovil says:

    Very original ! =)

  8. Maartenski Bretveldski says:

    hahaha, i luv this site, lots of kewl and funny stuff aroun.
    greetz from The Netherlandski’s

  9. Pete says:


  10. yingjai says:

    The chick in the 9th photo is hot. And I’m glad those guys didn’t attempt to wear skirts like those chicks did.

  11. Aleksander Sergiev says:

    That is pretty funny.

  12. FlyingNationalist says:

    Twenty Third!

  13. rererererere says:

    фигатень какая-то.

  14. theindian says:

    damn thats hott.

  15. Yarik says:

    Рассуждайте, рассуждайте,кузькина мать не за горами.

  16. tty01 says:

    Очень прикольно! На фотке 18.jpg надо было встать как будто они толкают машину (то есть, пардон, мотоколяску).

    (мне капча попалась – lenin :lol: )

  17. loop says:

    Мне сталин )))
    Прикольные фотки

  18. tramadol says:

    ностальгия по тачкам русским.. эхх

  19. Jinx says:

    Russian women are obviously some of the most beautiful women in the world!!!!! The men on the other hand are some of the geekiest looking individuals around. I am not saying this just from these pictures, I know this to be true because I have known many Russians.

  20. JA says:

    Hello, I am Japanese.
    I want to see the Chinese character of the photograph of the first piece.

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  23. Lai-Lai says:

    Lol. It would have been even funnier if they wore stilletos & showed a little midriff.

  24. Christian S. says:

    Those guys look like fun. Who’d have considered that about Russians?

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  26. SHAZZI says:

    ite really nice thinking it must be…….

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  28. very funny says:

    Very good and funny idea.

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  30. Spartaaaaaaaaaa! says:

    now this is funny

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